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Irene and Eva Sanchez as Children
Irene Sanchez, standing, holds a ball that Eva Sanchez, sitting, is reaching out for. Irene seems to be about 5 and Eva about 2. They are outdoors in a fenced yard. There is a railroad stop sign behind them and a train and houses in the background.…

Ricker Sisters Portrait
Portrait of the five Ricker Sisters. They are standing in a row with their bodies angled to the viewer's right but they are looking back towards the viewer. Four of the sisters are wearing black dresses and one is in a white shirt and plaid skirt.…

Ricker Sisters on the Steps of Mrs. Todd's Home
Group photograph of the Ricker sisters on the steps of Mrs. Todd's home. Two of the five women are looking at the viewer, the rest are looking downward. Three of the women wear glasses.

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Guadalupe Villa De La Rosa With Son John and Sister Ascensión
Guadalupe Villa De La Rosa, her son John De La
Rosa, and her sister, Ascención Villa sit on a lawn in front of a long building.


Kimura Sisters
This image shows Helen Kimura posing with her sisters before their departure to the East Coast, USA. The photo is taken at the Gila River Relocation Center in Arizona. The young women are leaving either to work or to study.
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