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People's Lumber Company County Fair Exhibit
View of People's Lumber Company exhibit at the Ventura County Fair in 1928. Display is a diorama that shows the company's location in 1883 in downtown Ventura on Main Street near the San Buenaventura Mission. Photographs of various buildings also in…

Stereoscope Picture, Three Palms
Stereoscope picture of three palms in mission garden. According to museum records in John Calvin Brewster's (photographer) own writing: "Colombo Street Ventura looking looking SW, railroad bridge across Ventura River.


Mission Santa Inés Interior
View of the interior of the Mission Santa Inés church, with a view of pews, altars, stations of the cross, and paintings and statutes of religious figures. Caption on photo reads "Interior of Santa Ynez Mission (taken from the gallery)."

Ruins of Santa Margarita Mission
Image shows a man standing next to the ruins of the Santa Margarita Mission, also known as Santa Margarita de Cortona Asistencia. Image shows the base of the building and a portion of the walls still intact, but the remainder of the building is…

Santa Barbara Mission, Distant View
View of the Santa Barbara Mission at right of image through "the olives"--olive trees in the foreground.

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Santa Ynez Mission Ruins
View of the ruins of the Santa Ynez Mission. Old mill and reservoir in scene. Beyond the ruins is a house on a hill with a road leading up to it.


San Buenaventura Mission Exterior Rear View, 1874
View of back of San Buenaventura Mission, founded 1782, showing the grounds around the mission as well as some buildings in the city of Ventura. In the foreground is a wooden fence. Scene reaches out to the Pacific Ocean, visible in the top quarter…

San Buenaventura Mission Restoration
View of the exterior back of the San Buenaventura Mission during its restoration in 1928. Scaffolding and men working are visible. Some children are visible at bottom of image. Cars are parked in the bottom left of image.

Mission Santa Barbara Earthquake Damage postcard
Photo postcard showing earthquake damage to the top of Mission Santa Barbara. Caption at bottom states: Old Mission, Sta. Barbara Quake, 6-29-25.
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