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Main House at Rancho Camulos
View of the main house at Rancho Camulos. The adobe home is on the left side of the image with its front door visible in the left corner. A barred window with person leaning out is in the middle of the image. To the right of the image is a fence and…

Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge, Arizona
View of the Casa Grande ruins in Arizona. A woman stands at the base of the structure with two other people visible to the right of the image. The ruin has sections of the wall missing, with the perimeter of the structure is still in tact. Above the…

Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge, Arizona
View of the Casa Grande Ruins in Coolidge, Arizona. The foreground of the image shows a pathway leading up to the ruin and a group of people walking along the path. The adobe ruins are in the background of the image with a large canopy over it.

Adobe Building Tucumcari, New Mexico
View of a woman standing in a dirt field. Behind her of her is an unidentified adobe building. There is a small tree in front of the building. The adobe building appears tall and has a prominent arch over the entrance to the building. A windowlike…

The Olivas Adobe, It Began in 1837 postcard
View of fountain at Olivas Adobe from two angles. Top image shows fountain close up with building in back. Bottom image shows fountain from further away with the entrance archway showing in background.

Verso: Description of Olivas Adobe…

Olivas Adobe, Ventura, California postcard
Shows exterior archway at Olivas Adobe with gates open. Courtyard visible beyond arch, with building at opposite end from viewer. Wooden chair on each side of arch.

Verso: Description of Olivas Adobe.

[Kolor View Press, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (A…

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the adobe and rose garden at Rancho Camulos. Taken from the paved path that borders the garden. Trees and palms are visible beside and behind the adobe.

Rancho Camulos Rose Garden
Shows the rose garden and a portion of the adobe at Rancho Camulos. Rows of rose bushes on the left, lined by brick walkway. Trees and palms are visible behind a chain link fence.

San Buenaventura Mission postcard
Exterior view of San Buenaventura Mission.

[Roberts, Mike, Natural Color by, Berkeley 2, Calif. (Published for Schulze News Co.,Ventura, California), C11466]

San Buenaventura Mission postcard
Exterior bird's-eye view of San Buenaventura Mission, showing the rear of the mission. Ventura City visible in background.

Caption: "Founded 1782. Showing old wall used as protection against Indians."

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card),…

El Rancho Simi Adobe
Exterior view of the Rancho Simi Adobe. Shows a one side of the building, with a portion of a porch visible. A pile of what appears to be rocks or firewood is stacked against the building, below a window. Portions of other structures are visible in…

Back of San Buenaventura Mission and Chaffee Lumberyard
View of Chaffee's lumber yard (Chaffee & Bonestal Lumber Company) adjacent to the San Buenaventura Mission grounds. Back of mission and buildings visible in the scene. A house and an adobe building are visible on Main Street between the mission and…

Last of the Adobe Buildings in San Buenaventura Mission Quadrangle
Front and side view of one of the last of the old adobes making up mission quadrangle between 1880-1890. Building has a porch along the front facing Main Street. Chaffee & Bonestal Lumber Company's yard visible adjacent to the adobe on the right of…

Schiappa Pietra Home and Mission Buildings
Bird's eye view of the Schiappa Pietra, or Schiappapietra, home and San Buenaventura Mission buildings taken from hills behind the mission just northeast of the mission. The back of the Schiappa Pietra home on Santa Clara Street visible on left of…

View from behind San Buenaventura Mission
View of Mission San Buenaventura from hill behind the mission, showing adobe building behind mission. Brush and shrubbery in foreground of image.

Stereoscopic view of farms and adobe buildings.
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