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Ventura Pastry Shop Storefront
Exterior view of the Ventura Pastry Shop at 1754 E. Main Street. Later location of Kingston Floral Shop. Shows windows of storefront with sign reading "Bakery." Two-door sedan is parked on street in front.

Floor Plan for Chinese Garden Restaurant
An architectural floor plan for the Chinese Garden Restaurant, primarily focused on the dining area. Also shows location of kitchen, rest rooms and storage area. There are two cross section drawings related to partitions between dining tables.

McHenry's Colonial House Restaurant postcard
Exterior view of McHenry's Colonial House restaurant from across the street, showing a large sign in a driveway to the parking lot reading "McHenry's Colonial House" with roosters decorating the top of the sign.
[Kolor View, Los Angeles, California…

The Sportsman Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge postcard
Interior view of The Sportsman Restaurant & Cocktail Lounge while empty. Image shows a side by side view of the bar to the right of the image and the dining room to the left of the image.
[McGrew Color Graphics, Kansas City, MO 64108, photo by…

Colonial House Restaurant Interior postcard
Interior view--two images on top and bottom of postcard-- of the Colonial House, Pacific Coast Highway, Oxnard, California. The top image shows a dining room with a fireplace on the right side and a small bar to the left. Bottom image shows a large…

Colonial House (Martin Smith's) postcard
Colonial House restaurant in Oxnard, exterior view from across the street, street in foreground. Shows the outdoor dining area and large sign reading "Colonial House."
[Teknitone Process by E.B. Thomas, Cambridge, 39, Mass., 89549]

The Sportsman Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge "Ventura's Finest" postcard
Interior view--two images on top and bottom of postcard-- of the Sportsman Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge in Ventura. Top image shows the dining room and the bottom image show the bar area.
[Donovan Studios of North America, R.M. Von Kensel, P.O.…

Black-and-white footage of camping and general frontier life, some disturbing and graphic, featuring a variety of animals, interspersed with scenes of activity in and around a newly developed town.

Men cook, roll cigarettes, pose for portraits in…
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