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Bird's Eye View of San Buenaventura, Cal 1877
Mounted photograph of map. Photo is black and white, original map is in color. Map is number M0230, available to view here. Shows view of Ventura in 1877, with a view "From the Bay, Looking North" as written along the bottom of the map. Ships, wharf,…

Photo of a map of Rancho El Rio de Santa Clara, showing boundaries of surrounding ranchos and landowners of subdivisions.

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Letterhead of Piru Rancho
Photograph of Piru Rancho letterhead sent from the Office of David C. Cook, Proprietor of the Piru Rancho. Contains a map of the rancho location and a description of the rancho.

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Teresa Ordoñez as a Child
Teresa Ordoñez, seated, front row left. She appears to be in a classroom along with several other girls sitting on benches or standing, possibly a class photo. A teacher stands at a chalkboard on the right of the image, and the chalkboard reads…

Photograph of a map of Ventura County


Untitled artist sketch showing Rocky Creek area: being evidence in Jefferson Howard murder trial.
[Notes: For trial information, refer to VCHS Quarterly, Vol. 30, # 4, pages 14, 16-17, 23, 27; Map encapsulated in clear plastic; G - 4, Automobile…

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