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Stockton Road Along Windbreak
View along the inside of the young windbreak separating agricultural fields. In background, agriculture field is being plowed by four mules. Caption reads "Looking N from Stockton Rd. along windbreak between Tr 73 and 90."

Overlooking Windbreak of Gums and Cypress
Agricultural fields separated by windbreak of young Sweetgum and Cypress trees. Caption reads "Looking S from hill near NW corner Tr. 90. Windbreak of gums and cypress on the line between tracts 90 and 73."

Team of Horses Hauling Beans at J. F. Lewis Ranch
An eight horse team is hitched to a wagon loaded with sacks of beans at the J. F. Lewis Ranch in Camarillo, CA. Two men are in the image, one rides a horse at the end of the team and the other man stands next to them. The team is stopped in a path…

Filling Hoppers of Bean Planter with Beans
View of a man filling the hoppers of the bean planter on the Goodyear Ranch, taken from behind. Two horses are hitched to the been planter. Windows on left of image, orchard on the right of image.

Simi Orchard Scene
Panoramic view of an orchard in Simi, seen mid image. In the foreground is a tilled field and some shorter crops separating the field from the orchard. On the other sides of the orchard are wind rows.

Distant View of Santa Paula, 1891
Distant view looking down on Santa Paula in 1891 from atop a hill. Grass and a house are in the foreground, and spread out houses and buildings dot the scene. Mountains are in the background of the image. This image is the left half of a panorama…

Flood Area East of Camulos
Birds eye view of flood area east of Camulos, 18 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

View of Flooded Area East of Camulos
Birds eye view of flooded area east of Camulos, 18 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

Panoramic view of lima bean fields, field workers, mountains in background. "James F. Fulkerson's Lima Bean Threshing outfit, operating near Camarillo, Ventura County, CA. Largest lima bean fields in the world."

Farm Scene
Panoramic view of a farm in the Simi, Moorpark area. Barn, windmill, farmhouse, orchard are in the scene. Mountains in background.

Sugar beets on conveyor belt
Sugar beets on a conveyor belt going into a sugar beet plant
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