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Ventura Marina postcard
View of the Ventura Marina shows a beach filled with surfers. In the water and on the sand are a multitude of surfers. In the distance the Channel Islands can be seen in the skyline.

Verso: Describes the importance of this surfing spot in Ventura…

Mission San Buena Ventura and Mission School, Ventura, Calif. 1928 postcard
Postcard shows the San Buenaventura Mission and school from the west and south sides. To the left of the Mission is a garden of flowers as well as four parked cars outside of the Mission. In the background there are hills covered with…

High School, Central Ave., Looking South, Fillmore postcard
View of a dirt road in the foreground aside a row of tall trees to the left of the road. In the background a highschool can be seen beyond the dirt road. A horse is pictured under the trees to the left. On the right side of the road lies telegraph…

Sespe Avenue Grade School postcard
View of the Sespe Avenue Grade School in Fillmore from the front. The entranceway can be seen along with the steps that lead up to it. A tall flagpole stands off center in the foreground of the image alongside two trees on both sides of the school. …

Depot at Santa Paula, Cal. postcard
Postcard shows a railway depot in Santa Paula. Unpaved dirt roads surround the depot. People riding horse-drawn carts are traveling on the roads. A tall telegraph pole can be seen to the right of the depot standing tall above everything else…

Santa Paula Hardware Co., Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
View of the corner of the Santa Paula Hardware Co. a two story building. Victorian-style architecture is seen on the second story portion of the building. The street pictured with the building is somewhat busy with men waiting outside of the…

U.S. Post Office, Santa Paula postcard
Postcard of the Santa Paula post office. Shows the front of the building with entrance in view. View from the street shows an unidentified brick building to the left of the post office and trees to the right of the post office.

[No Publisher…

Hospital, Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
Side view of the Santa Paula Hospital from the street. Shows the trees planted alongside the hospital as well as a slight view of the entrance of the hospital.

[No publisher stated]

Little Grand Canyon, South Mountain, Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
View of the "Little Grand Canyon" of South Mountain in Santa Paula. The strata of the of the mountain is clearly visible showing each layer of rock in the foreground. What looks like a guard railing is visible to the left of the image. Larger…

St. John's Hospital, Oxnard, Calif. postcard
View of St. John's Hospital in Oxnard from the street. The foreground shows the street as well as the bushes and trees in front of the hospital. Behind the vegetation lies the hospital with a Christian cross on top of it.

[No publisher stated, 3]

Street View, Oxnard, California postcard
Views of a busy street in Oxnard. Shows multiple cars driving and parked throughout the street. Shows businesses and storefronts on both sides of the street.

[DOPS in stamp area]

Charles Carroll Funeral Home postcard
Exterior view of the Charles Carroll Funeral Home from the street. Showcases a car parked on the curbside next to the establishment.

Verso: Tells the location and name of the Charles Carroll Funeral Home.

[Paul's Photography, Ventura,…

Ventura, California (Shows Hotel & Cafe Poinsettia) postcard
Street view of Hotel & Cafe Poinsettia with signs visible. Shows a man waiting on a bench as well as cars parked on the curbside. A liquor store neighboring the Poinsettia establishment is also shown.

[No publisher stated]

California Mission San Buenaventura 1976 postcard
View of Mission San Buenaventura from the courtyard. Foreground shows the garden and fountain placed in front of the mission with freshly mowed grass as well as intricate blue and white tile along the base of the fountain. Background shows Mission…

Mission San Buenaventura undated postcard
Street view of Mission San Buenaventura. Foreground shows three flagpoles as well as the courtyard, fountain, and the surrounding buildings in front of the Mission. The Mission stands tall in the background of the image.

Verso: Describes the…

The Olivas Adobe, It Began in 1837 postcard
View of fountain at Olivas Adobe from two angles. Top image shows fountain close up with building in back. Bottom image shows fountain from further away with the entrance archway showing in background.

Verso: Description of Olivas Adobe…

Olivas Adobe, Ventura, California postcard
Shows exterior archway at Olivas Adobe with gates open. Courtyard visible beyond arch, with building at opposite end from viewer. Wooden chair on each side of arch.

Verso: Description of Olivas Adobe.

[Kolor View Press, Los Angeles, CA 90064 (A…

Sinaloa Lake, Simi Valley, California postcard
View of a small wooden dock on the water of Lake Sinaloa in Simi Valley. A small, red boat is next to the dock, with the forward appearing to be slightly ashore. Trees and foliage are growing near the dock. Water birds and another boat are visible in…

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Arcade Ojai Ave. Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
View of the Arcade on Ojai Avenue. Scaffolding next to Arcade. Street is unpaved. Three early automobiles are parked adjacent to the Arcade.

[Photographed by R.F. Batchelor, Nordhoff, Cal.]

A Cool Retreat, Nordhoff, Cal. postcard
View of a person sitting on a small bridge over a creek.

[AZO (no other identification)]

Tunnels on scenic highway 399. Wheeler Gorge near Ojai, California postcard
View of highway 399 tunnel, framed by another tunnel in foreground.

[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 1047 N. Havenhurst, Hollywood 46, Calif., H283 & 8378]

Ojai Valley Inn, Ojai, California Famous Resort & Golf Course postcard
Exterior view of Ojai Valley Inn from across lawn. America flag on flagpole next to building.

[Columbia Wholesale Supply, 1047 Havenhurst, Hollywood 46, Calif., H181 & 8373]

View of the Plaza, Oxnard, California postcard
Bird's-eye view of a park at the Oxnard Plaza.

[Roberts, Mike Color Production, Berkeley 2, California (Published for Schulze News Co.,Ventura, California), C3259]

Administration Building, Ventura Junior College, Ventura, Calif postcard
Exterior view of Ventura Junior College administration building.

[Roberts, Mike Color Production, Berkeley , California (Published for Schulze News Co.,Ventura, California), C1707]

Ojai Post Office postcard
View of Ojai Post Office from across street, framed by archway in foreground.

[Roberts, Mike Color Production, Berkeley 2, Calif. (Published for Schulze News Co.,Ventura, California), C1703]
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