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Musicians Playing Instruments on Boat
Outdoor group photo taken on the deck of a boat possibly Coos Bay in Ventura. Shows a group three musicians and onlookers. Musician on left is playing a violin-like instrument, other two musicians playing guitars.

Men pictured include Ignacio…

Boat Leaving Ventura Harbor
View of sailboat traveling over a wave away from the coast. Birds visible in sky. What appears to be a person's head visible in foreground.

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Boat Beached at Entrance of Ventura Harbor
View of a small boat aground on a beach. One person shown standing at the prow of the boat, a second person on the beach is walking towards the boat. Rocks from a harbor breakwall visible in the background.

The Starlite Bait Boat at Point Mugu
View of a bait boat named The Starlite dockside at Point Mugu, California. The skipper, Manuel Souza, stands at the wheel. Also depicted is the crew consisting of Jo and Johnny Souza, Andy Cato, Louis Oliver and Paul Helmich,

Cueva Valdez, Santa Cruz Island
View of a sailboat in the ocean as seen through a natural archway at Cueva Valdez on Santa Cruz Island. Image is framed by the arch.

The Ship Bonita
Close view of the ship Bonita run aground. It is floating on the ocean, very close to shore.

The Pier, Ventura postcard
A scene of the Ventura Pier with a boat moored to it. There is a larger ship offshore near the end of the pier. The Channel Islands are in the distance with the beach and rolling surf in the foreground. Two images are depicted: A sepia version of…

Dredging to Build Channel Islands Harbor, Aerial View
Aerial view of a dredging boat in the process of dredging prior to the construction of Channel Islands Harbor. Surrounding Hollywood-by-the-Sea buildings, houses, beach visible.

Steamer Humboldt at Santa Cruz Island Wharf
Bird's eye view of the steamer Humboldt at Santa Cruz Island wharf in Prisoners Harbor. Numerous trees in foreground. Vast view of the ocean in background.

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May Davison Riding in Float
May Davison (Mrs. Jack Neville) rides in a float along with a man in what appears to be a sailor suit and cap. May Davison holds an umbrella. The float is a car decorated with flowers and shrubbery that is made out to look like a boat. A US flag…

Dock Scene at Port Hueneme Commercial Harbor
Glossy photo of dock scene at Port of Hueneme Commercial Harbor. Image shows many docked ships in background. Prominent in the foreground is a Whitcombe equipment train.

View of Port Hueneme postcard
Scene of Port Hueneme showing a group of men from behind standing on what appears to be a floating dock. They seem to be boarding or disembarking a small boat. Many boats are in the water in the background. A man and woman stand on the shore facing…

Aerial View of Ventura Marina, 1966
Aerial view of Ventura Harbor/Marina. View of Ventura Port District or Ventura Harbor Patrol building and other smaller buildings. Large letters "PD" are visible in front of the Port District or Harbor Patrol building. Dry docked or dry storage boats…

Aerial View of Ventura Marina, 1966
Aerial view of Ventura Harbor/Marina looking eastward. Marina at lower part of the image and farmland and mountains at top. Several sailboats sailing.

Santa Cruz Island Excursions Advertisement
Copy of advertisement for Santa Cruz Island excursions from Eaton's Pelican Bay Camp, Captain and Mrs. Ira K. Eaton, Proprietors. Weekend excursions leaving Stearns Wharf Santa Barbara, charter parties, and camping are advertised. The address is…

Ventura Harbor Flood Damage, 1969
Flood damage to the Ventura Harbor from a 1969 storm. Image shows some boats docked in high water. Street in foreground, mountains in background.

Aerial View of Ventura Harbor, 1969
Aerial view of Ventura Harbor looking southeast from over a mobile home park. Shows major flooding of the harbor. Ocean along the top of the image.

Channel Islands Aerial View
Aerial view of most of Channel Islands Harbor. Marina, channels clearly visible as well as entrance to Channel Islands Harbor.

Keene at Cooking Fire.mp4
Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of a wildfire and burned areas, trapping, hunting, fishing, rattlesnakes, skinning animals, camping, and a dead body of a child being pulled from water. There are 3 of the same film, with very…

Beach Scene, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Image of busy stretch of shoreline, being enjoyed by many people. An oil silo sits on a hill in the background, just behind a series of small buildings. Umbrellas with reclining figures dot the sand, facing a scene of bustling activity closer to the…

George Loomis Oil Steamer
Ventura beach scene shows a group of mainly women and girls sitting near the beach shoreline at the foot of the photo, a horse and buggy with a man sitting in it next to them. The left side of the photo shows the Ventura Wharf with a docked oil…

Flood Wreckage, Ventura Marina
Photograph shows about seven crashed and overturned boats, some sailboats, with waves breaking in the background in Ventura Harbor.
Ventura County Star-Free Press photo [SFP 690227.2]

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Ventura Harbor Marina Patrol Boat
View of the stern of a marina patrol boat as it is docked. Two men stand in the boat while several people stand on the dock and one man leans on the boat. Boat states "Ventura Port District" on stern and "Marina Patrol" on port.


Valdez Cave on Santa Cruz Island Postcard
Photograph taken from inside Valdez Cave on Santa Cruz Island, titled "Beautiful California Valdez Cave, Santa Cruz, Island." A cliff side of Santa Cruz Island is visible, along with two boats and a person standing on the rocks.
[Pacific Novelty…

Ventura Marina & State Beach Park Postcard
Two photos stacked one above the other. The top image is taken from the water, facing towards a marina. A sailboat is on its way in, and a small boat and a ship full of passengers are on their way out.
The second image is a crowded beach. People are…
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