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Group Photo on a Bridge
Picture of the E. W. Daily family on a bridge. There are five people in the photo, two men and three women, all dressed in dark formal attire. Behind them, a pole extends into the top of the image. There are trees in the distance.

Sespe Railroad Bridge, 1969 Flood
View of flood damage at the Sespe railroad bridge. Bridge is a metal, trestle bridge. Debris, mud, and pools of water visible around the bridge. Creek visible under bridge.

Group Photo on Bridge Over Water
Outdoor group photo of six young women and men, possibly including Pansy Brewster, posing on a wooden bridge over running water, possibly Matilija Creek. Woman second from the right is seated on handrail and holding an umbrella over her head. Man…

Aftermath of 1938 Sespe Creek Flood
Collapsed bridge following the Sespe Creek flood in 1938. People stand on each side of the bridge, looking down at the creekbed. Other group of people look at the damage from the ground by the creek.

Elevation Profile of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura
Exterior elevation profile of Sea Star Vista Aquarium and Astronomy Center, Ventura. Top shows Sea Star Vista and escalator structures. Bottom shows Sea Star Vista, escalator structures, and connecting bridge over Figueroa Street.

A Cool Retreat, Nordhoff, Cal. postcard
View of a person sitting on a small bridge over a creek.

[AZO (no other identification)]

Sea Water Pipeline Plan and Profile, San Buenaventura
Plan and profile of a sea water pipeline in City of San Buenaventura. Top half of sheet shows map of Peking Street and Harriet Street. City boundary, is indicated. State highway right of way and a plot of cultivated land is shown to the west of the…

Harmon Barranca Bridge
A steel beam bridge with concrete abutments spanning Harmon Barranca near Saticoy. Metal railing on top of the bridge. Construction debris visible below the bridge. Building visible in background. Library records include caption: "Brigham Young"

Dedication of Montalvo Bridge
Mounted photograph showing the dedication ceremony for the Montalvo Bridge. Ceremony takes place on the bridge itself, a large crowd is in attendance. A man sits at a drum in the center of the image. Dr. David Mott is speaking (standing on the left…

Casitas County Bridge, Showing Entrance To Eugene Foster's Memorial Park postcard
A view of a bridge crossing the Ventura River at the entrance to Foster Memorial Park. Large stone pillars flank the dirt road just before the crossing. The bridge is supported by a steel overhead structure. A hillside is in the…

Bridge near Blanchard House, Hondo Ranch Site of New Dam
Side view of wooden bridge showing valley below. Caption reads "Bridge near Blanchard house Hondo Ranch TR 18 showing where dam will be constructed below."


Bardsdale Bridge after St. Francis Dam Disaster
Image shows the damage sustained by the Bardsdale Bridge and surrounding land after the St. Francis Dam collapse on March 13, 1928. Visible in the scene are sandbags and some vehicles. There are cylindrical tanks at the left of the image. Mountains…

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Actors Performing a Stunt in a Car
Actors in a convertible seemingly fly off a broken bridge. Image taken from ground below the bridge. There are appear to be two men in the photo off of the bridge, one appears to be running equipment (right). Library records indicate: "Actors (not…

Cañada Larga Bridge, 1899
View of the Cañada Larga Bridge from the banks below after it was newly built in 1899. Signs for Chaffee's, possibly a clothing store, visible in the image. Museum records indicate: "Cañada Larga new structure built in 1899 - rubble masonry abutments…

Cañada Larga Bridge
View of Cañada Larga Bridge, a small wooden bridge, Ventura Avenue, prior to 1899. Ventura Avenue is a winding dirt road.

Old Bridge across Point Mugu Lagoon
A long wooden bridge over water. There appears to be a figure on the bridge and buildings barely visible at the end of the bridge. According to museum records:
"Old bridge across Pt. Mugu lagoon from land side onto the sand spit
where the resort…


Coast Highway Bridge Across the Ventura River postcard
Image of Main Street Bridge or the Ventura River Bridge, a concrete arched bridge showing the Ventura River beneath it.
[Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif., V-150 & 1A-H468]

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Dolores Nieves Sanchez on Bridge
Full portrait of Dolores N. Sanchez on railroad trestle bridge out outside of Fillmore. He appears to be walking; he is facing the viewer.

Aerial View of West End of Ventura
Aerial view of the West end of Ventura, looking towards the center of town. On the right of the image is the Pacific Ocean; center of image shows city of Ventura, Ventura River and Ventura River Bridge; mountains and hills on left of image.

Matilija Hot Springs Stage
Stagecoach full of people led by four horses travels overs a bridge. Stage reads "Matilija Hot Springs" along the top.

Entrance to Eugene C. Foster Memorial Park Near Ventura, Cal. postcard
Caption: "Entrance to Eugene C. Foster Memorial Park, near Ventura, Cal."
Landscape image of entrance to Eugene C. Foster Memorial Park. The unpaved driveway is framed by two stone pillars, each with a ledge adorned by a reclining lion, each set…

"The Rincon" California Coast Highway Between Ventura and Santa Barbara Post Card
Street view image of the Rincon Highway between Ventura and Santa Barbara. A Model T vehicle drives toward the foreground, along a paved bridge cutting through lush hillsides framed by large trees.

Casitas County Bridge Showing Entrance To Eugene C. Foster's Memorial Park, Ventura,Cal. Post Card
Landscape image of entrance to Eugene C. Foster Memorial Park. The unpaved driveway is framed by two stone pillars, each with a ledge adorned by a reclining lion, each set in front of its own castle-eque tower topped with a spire. A white picket…

Sespe Bridge During Flood 1914 postcard
Three men and two women stand on the Sespe Bridge, some smiling and looking at the camera. There is a lot of debris on the bridge, and the water beneath it is raging and appears very high. Bottom left of postcard has "Marcy" written on it.
[VELOX in…

Ventura River Bridge, 1918 postcard
View of partial underside and side of Ventura River Bridge from the bank of the river. River is in the foreground. Caption top left of postcard: "Ventura River Bridge, Ventura, Cal."
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal.]
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