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Young Women's Buddhist Association Club
This image is a group photo of members of the Young Women's Buddist Association Club.
Back row (left to right): Minato Mayeda, Ayako Tagami, Fujie Hashimoto, Fujiko Fujimoto, Miyoko Takeda, Setsuko Sakamoto.
Middle row (left to right): Mitsuye…

Young Women in Costume
Outdoor group portrait of young women dressed in costumes (various ethnicities, nationalities, and time periods seem represented) with a few men in the group. The women are atop a brick retaining wall and there are chairs and a lawn in the…

Yasuye Takasugi Portrait
This image shows Yasuye Takasugi posing seated for an interior full portrait.

Yanaginuma Wedding Portrait
This image shows Mr. and Mrs. George S. Yanaginuma posing for their wedding portrait. Mrs. Yanaginuma came to Oxnard to live with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otsuki, who worked for Major Driffel, who was the foreman of the Oxnard Sugar Beet Factory.…

Two Young Women Sitting on Steps, 1932
Dolores Villa (left) and Carmen Herrera(?) sit together on steps to house or building at Teague Ranch, Santa Paula. Both women are in dresses and heels looking at the camera.

St. Catherine's High School Class of 1933-14
Group portrait of St. Catherine's High School Class of 1933-34. (Left to Right, Standing): Katherine Hoffman, Rita Mae McGraf, Mary Ida Daly, Betty Lou Bonstell [possibly Bonestel], Eleanor Lagomarsino and Janice Daly. (Left to Right, Seated):…

Ruth Ruiz at Graduation
Full portrait of Ruth Ruiz upon graduation from Ventura High School. She is standing upright in a light colored dress with diploma in hand. A studio backdrop and carpet are visible in the background.

Ruth M. Ruiz
Portrait bust of Ruth M. Ruiz sitting in front of a photography studio backdrop. She is wearing a dark colored overcoat buttoned up over a light blouse with a floral collar. Ruth is sitting upright facing straight ahead while her head and eyesight is…

Portrait of a group of teenagers in costume.

Portrait of a woman,

Portrait of a woman.

Portrait of a woman.

Oxnard High School Graduation, 1939
This image shows Nao Takasugi delivering the valedictorian address to the Oxnard High School class of 1939. This event took place on the athletic field at the High School. The school band can be seen in the orchestra pit below the elevated stage. …

Mrs. Maud Haines Henderson
Three-quarter portrait of Mrs. Maud Haines Henderson standing with arms crossed next to an upholstered chair looking to the right of camera. Library records state "Mrs. Maud Haines Henderson, clothing and dress phtg.", but it is unclear if this is a…

Mr. & Mrs. Knox Takasugi with Tono and Frank Takasugi
Knox Takasugi (left) with his Italian wife (seated) and his parents, Tono and Frank Takasugi. This is a full-view group photo that is taken outside in a garden. The exterior front porch of a house is seen in the background.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Otsuki
The image shows Mr. and Mrs. J. Itsyju. It is an interior, full view, studio portrait of the young couple.

Minnie Ruiz
Portrait of Minnie Ruiz sitting and holding a guitar. She is wearing a dress and has a tall up-do hairstyle, or tall hat or head covering. A studio backdrop and props are visible in the background. Minnie Ruiz was the wife of Ulpiano Torigio Ruiz.…

Maria Moraga
Bust portrait of Maria Moraga, a young woman looking to the right of the viewer. She wears a lace ruffled collar, earrings, and a ribbon in her hair.

Maria Louisa Ruiz - Nurse
Full portrait of Maria Louisa Ruiz in a nurse uniform standing on top of a rock pillar. Shrubs buildings are visible in the background. Born May 7 1900; died February 4 1958.

Marcelina Acacia Ruiz Latillade
Figure portrait of Marcelina Acacia Ruiz Latillade standing in a dark colored dress with Royal Insurance Company patches striped down the skirt, a Hammons sash over her torso, and a Royal Insurance Company cap with bows. She is holding up a knee-high…

Lydia Sexton
Bust portrait, brown toned, of Miss Lydia Sexton, a young woman. She gazes to the left of the viewer and has long dark hair pulled back into a low ponytail or braid. She has a decorative, embroidered collar on her blouse or dress. Mounted on…

Lucy V. Ruiz at Graduation
Full portrait of Lucy Ruiz upon graduation from Ventura High School. She is sitting on the arm of a padded wooden bench in a white gown with with stockings and white shoes. A studio backdrop and carpet are visible in the background.

Lucy V. Ruiz
Portrait bust of Lucy V. Ruiz in right profile with her head turned towards the camera. She is smiling while wearing pearls and a dark floral dress. There is a studio backdrop of trees behind her and a signature in the bottom left-hand corner which…

Lucy Ruiz, Petra Ruiz and Lola Rivera
Square group portrait of Lucy Ruiz (left), Petra Ruiz (right) and Lola Rivera (bottom) in Victorian clothing. Lucy Ruiz and Lola Rivera are looking straight ahead while Petra Ruiz is looking to the right. The photograph sits in the middle of an…

Lucy Ruiz - Victorian Dress
Figure portrait of Lucy Ruiz from the knees up in a white frilly Victorian dress and matching floral hat. Lucy is standing straight with her hands in her pockets and her head looking diagonally to the right. Lucy Ruiz was the tenth child of Gabriel…
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