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Zapf Girls
Shows (L-R) Celia, Ruth Ventura, and Jeanne Zapf standing together. All three girls are wearing light colored dresses and knee-high socks. Small palms behind them.

Museum records include note that Jeanne is wearing hair ribbons gifted to her by…

Zapf Girls at Foster Park
Shows three young girls, Jeanne, Ruth Ventura, and Celia Zapf sitting on a tree branch in Foster Park. Jeanne and Celia are wearing light-colored dresses. Ruth Ventura is in a dark-colored dress.

Museum records indicate that the ribbons worn in…

Grand Champion Lamb and Owner at Ventura County Fair Auction
A girl, unidentified, stands next to her grand champion lamb at the Ventura County Fair auction. The lamb has many ribbons attached to a blanket on its back. Auction attendees are visible in the background. Photo taken for the Ventura County Star…

Ruth Ruiz - Age 8
Full portrait of Ruth M. Ruiz at age eight leaning against an ornate wooden chair. She is wearing a light colored dress with dark stockings and booths. She has ribbons in her hair in the pigtail fashion. A studio backdrop of a concrete wall and…

Portrait of woman taken outdoors.

Portrait of a woman.

Portrait of a girl.

Portrait of a girl.
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