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Limoneira Ranch, Bird's Eye View
A bird's eye view of Limoneira Ranch with vast fields and/or orchards and some buildings and houses in the scene. There appear to be taller lines of trees as well, possibly wind rows.

Sanatorium, Ventura, California Postcard
View of a sanatorium near Hillmont and Foothill from a distance, orchards in foreground and mountains in the background. Sanatorium in the middle of image. Significant image of "Five Trees" on the hill in the background.

Clyde and Kitty Wykoff
Full portrait of Clyde Wykoff and Kitty Wykoff, standing in an orchard in Nordhoff. They were Ventura County pioneers.

Citrus Workers
This image is an exterior group portrait of Japanese citrus workers posing with their supervisor in a citrus orchard at the Teague-McKevett Ranch.

Moorpark, Bird's Eye View post card
A view of Moorpark, with a school, church, residences in view. Orchards and mountains are in the background. Simi Hills visible.
[No publisher stated; AZO in stamp area]

Stereoscopic view of an orchard.

Orchards with horse drawn buggy and sheds in the distance.

Snow on Middleton Ranch
View of snow on trees and ground on Middleton Ranch in Oxnard, perhaps taken from a second story. An orchard is in view as well as a clothesline.

Farm Scene
Panoramic view of a farm in the Simi, Moorpark area. Barn, windmill, farmhouse, orchard are in the scene. Mountains in background.

Farm with orchard.

Residence in Ventura in Winter postcard
View of a Victorian residence in Ventura. There are trees and a garden surrounding the residence with a fence in the foreground. Caption at bottom reads: "Residence in Ventura, Cal. in Winter."
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany,…

Orange Picking-Fillmore, California postcard
View of an orange orchard with men, women, and children present. Orange crates are lined up along orchard and two horse drawn carts are in the background. Some of the people are wearing picking sacks. Identical postcard in black and white 21531…

Orange Picking, Fillmore postcard
View of an orange orchard with men, women, and children present. Orange crates are lined up along orchard and two horse drawn carts are in the background. Some of the people are wearing picking sacks. Handwriting on postcard reads: "Mr. Geo. N…

High School, Central Ave., Looking South, Fillmore postcard
View of a dirt road in the foreground aside a row of tall trees to the left of the road. In the background a highschool can be seen beyond the dirt road. A horse is pictured under the trees to the left. On the right side of the road lies telegraph…

Ruth Standing Among Plum Trees
Image depicts Ruth standing among plum trees in Rancho Ladera with her dog, Perky. The surrounding environment is heavily vegetated. The plum trees planted in a row with a walking path beside the orchard. In the background there is taller grove of…

Orchard View at Rancho Camulos
View of an orchard at Rancho Camulos. View looks down a row of trees, a path of dirt is visible. In the background of the image the mountains that surround Rancho Camulos are visible.

Orchard at Camulos Ranch
A skewed angle view of an orchard on the Camulos Ranch. Rows of trees with their shadows casting down on the soil below. The trees expand far into the background of the image. In the foreground of the image a path of dirt is stretching into the…

Blanchard's Picking Crew, Santa Paula
A group of 14 men stand in an orchard. All are standing in a row, carrying bags. Crates of crops are on the ground around them. E. G. Outland, fourth from right; Fred Outland, extreme right.

The Limoneira in Santa Paula
Limoneira Company in Santa Paula, California. A panorama of a lemon orchard and a large pool of water. A man stands by the water's edge.

Text in the bottom left corner reads, "One of the California Wonders / Limoneira - Santa Paula / A six…

Picking Oranges at Limoneira
Several men climb ladders to harvest oranges in an orchard at Limoneira. Oranges are slid down tubes into crates on the ground. A man on a horse drawn wagon is in the middle of the scene. To the left of the image there is a load of filled crates on a…

Large oak tree and man with orchard in background.

Harvesting an orchard.

The Limoneira, Near Santa Paula Postcard
A lemon orchard with trees in perfect rows stretches off into the distance where it backs up into mountains. A dirt road in the far left cuts the orchard in two and is dotted with electric poles. A pair of brown houses sit in front of the left…

Front view of the Santa Paula Union High School. Empty field, wall and schoolyard viewable in the foreground, in front of the school. The school building is three stories tall, with windows along the walls. An orchard is viewable in the background.…
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