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Limoneira Panorama
Panoramic photograph of Limoneira, showing rows of lemon trees, adjacent fields, flat buildings, and mountains in the background.

Panorama of agricultural workers, mules, and lemon crates at Limoneira. Captions read: "Noon time scene, World's greatest Lemon Ranch owned by the Limoneira Company of Santa Paula, California, USA." and "Photograph #694 S.U. Bunnell, 45 Stevenson…

The Limoneira, Near Santa Paula Postcard
A lemon orchard with trees in perfect rows stretches off into the distance where it backs up into mountains. A dirt road in the far left cuts the orchard in two and is dotted with electric poles. A pair of brown houses sit in front of the left…

George C. Power Lemon Ranch Exhibit, Ventura County Fair
A group of men pose in front of the George C. Power Lemon Ranch exhibit at the Ventura County Fair (first prize), October 1927. Pictured left to right: Omer Hooge, Chester B. Greenlee, Chris Hedrick, Therman Hardister, Leo Mortenson, Leland Hedrick,…
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