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Snow Covered House
Exterior view of a two story home surrounded by heavy snowfall. Snow fills the foreground of the image. The home is made up of brick and wood. A chimney blowing smoke is seen on the left side of the picture.

Library records indicate that the…

Home Covered in Snow
Image of a snow covered home. The entire foreground of the picture is covered with snow. Snow also covers the leaf-bare trees. Side of a single-story wood slate home and a portion of the patio are visible.

Library records indicate that the…

Bird's Eye View of Ojai Valley, Ojai postcard
Bird's eye view of Ojai Valley, Ojai. Agricultural fields are visible in the foreground. A blue sky and mountains with a light covering of snow are visible in the background.

[Western Publishing and Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif., 91729]

Christmas Cake
View of the top of a beautifully decorated Christmas cake that was sent to the president of the United States at the time, Calvin Coolidge. William Cook Baker of Bill Baker's bakery in Ojai sent many cakes to presidents, and this was the first of…

Snow on Fire House, Ventura postcard
View of the fire house in Ventura taken from across the street showing snow on the rooftop. Snow also visible on nearby houses, buildings, and parked cars. Snow also visible on mountains in the background.
[No publisher stated]

Black-and-white footage of people on deck of a large boat and some smaller boats in the water, zoo animals, parades, views of glaciers and snow, and a post office dedication.

People gather on deck of a large boat; Smaller boats in the water;…

Digging out the road.mp4
Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of hunting, trapping, horses, wild animals, and wilderness. Two reels available of same footage. Reel 12 missing final scene of mountain lion in trap.

Keene posing with taxidermized animals;…

Snowy Arbolada Entrance, Ojai
Arbolada residential community sign during a snowfall. The sign, street in foreground, and trees in the background are covered in snow. Sign is still legible.

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Snowstorm and Storefronts
People enjoying the snow, two men and two women on a sidewalk in front of stores reading "See H.J. Crinklaw For Rooms and Board" & "Whipple & Riave, Genl. Merchandise". Possibly in 1916 snowstorm.

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Snow-covered Yosemite National Park.

Snow on Middleton Ranch
View of snow on trees and ground on Middleton Ranch in Oxnard, perhaps taken from a second story. An orchard is in view as well as a clothesline.
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