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Six Men in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand
Six young men eat pineapple in front of Helemano Pineapple Stand. Two kneel and four stand or lean against a station wagon with surfboards in the back. The men are in shorts and short-sleeved shirts. One is wearing a hat and one is wearing…

John Larronde Poses with Surfboards
John Larronde poses with his two surfboards next to a tree. One board has stripes the other is solid. Both are almost double the man's height. John is wearing a plaid shirt and pants and is looking to the viewer's right.

Museum notes indicate the…

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Two Surfers in Malibu
Two surfers ride a wave. They are centered in the frame and riding boards close to one another. Museum notes indicate the following information: "Larronde, Trent, Malibu surf" which is presumably the names of the two surfers and the location.

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Mary Monks, AKA Mondos Mary, surfing at Mondos Beach circa 1950s. Historical note: Mary Monks, AKA Mondos Mary (or Mary Mondos, depending on who you ask), was born in Fillmore in 1919 and was one of the early women surfers in Ventura County. She is…
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