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Actors Performing a Stunt in a Car
Actors in a convertible seemingly fly off a broken bridge. Image taken from ground below the bridge. There are appear to be two men in the photo off of the bridge, one appears to be running equipment (right). Library records indicate: "Actors (not…

All Saint's Church, Oxnard
All Saint's Church on 2nd and C streets. Image taken from C Street side of the building, entrance on 2nd not visible. 1920's style car parked in front of the church. Trees visible on both sides of the church.

American Red Cross - Ojai Chapter WWII
Outdoor group portrait of eight women in the Ojai Chapter of the American Red Cross. The women are in uniform and posed next to a vehicle that reads, "American Red Cross Ojai Chapter" on its side.

Two women are identified as Peggy Hardy (middle)…

Anacapa Hotel Postcard
A three-story hotel on a street corner (a note on the card says "NW corner Main & Palm Sts."). An awning supported by thin, rounded columns covers the street in front of the first floor. At least a dozen motorcars are lined up neatly alongside one…

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Arcade Ojai Ave. Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
View of the Arcade on Ojai Avenue. Scaffolding next to Arcade. Street is unpaved. Three early automobiles are parked adjacent to the Arcade.

[Photographed by R.F. Batchelor, Nordhoff, Cal.]

Arcade, Ojai Avenue, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Street view of arcade along Ojai Avenue in Ojai. Road appears to be dirt and cars and horse drawn wagons visible in the road. Two people stand under arcade arches, looking at the viewer. Caption reads "Arcade Ojai Av. Nordhoff Calif."

Architectural Drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks
Architectural drawing of Oak Creek Senior Housing, Thousand Oaks. Shows the exterior view of front of Oak Creek. Shows people on sidewalk, cars stopped on traffic circle, and foliage around building.

Area Behind Newhall Mansion in Piru
View of a vegetated area behind Newhall Mansion, also known as Piru Mansion or Cook Mansion. Unpaved parking lot with one car parked is visible in the foreground. A telephone pole is in the center of the image placed among the trees. In the…

Arnulfo Sanchez in Uniform Sitting on a Car
Arnulfo Sanchez, in his Army uniform, sits on the front bumper of a parked car in front of a house. He is looking at the viewer.

View from the side of Roosevelt Highway (Pacific Coast Highway) of a car coming toward the camera and one driving away in the distance. There are large rock formations along both sides of the highway as well as safety barriers. Photograph is…

Asahi Market, Front View
This image shows the front exterior of the Asahi Market, 660 Saviers Road, Oxnard, California. The Asahi Market signage hangs above the door between two signs advertising Knudsen buttermilk and Cottage Cheese. The striped awning is retracted and the…

Asahi Market, Side View
This image shows the front and side view of the exterior of the Asahi Market, 660 Saviers Road, Oxnard, California.

Automobile caravan on causeway
Automobile caravan (Pasear Tour) on causeway along beach just east of Rincon Point.

Automobile on Desolate Road in Ojai
View of a dirt road with an open car on it. There are trees on one side of the road and a meadow or clearing on the other side of the road. A driver or passenger is seen standing up in the car with one arm outstretched skyward.


Avenue Drug Store
Exterior view of the Avenue Drug Store. Car parked on sidewalk by building. Drugstore and Coca-Cola signs visible on front of building.

Note with photograph: "This was my father's Drug store from about 1910-1960. His name was John H. McClaran. I…

Bank of America Building, 1940s
Exterior view of the Bank of America building at the corner of Main and California Streets in Ventura, CA. The building is four stories tall and has a fire escape visible on the California Street side. There are cars lined up on both streets and…

Bank of America Building, Oxnard
Original Bank of America building on A Street in Oxnard. It appears to be located on a corner. Cars are parked in front of building.

Blanchard Livingston Cabin
This image, taken in Oregon, shows a car parked in a plot of grass, to the right of the image the porch of a cabin is in clear view. There are three people standing on the porch looking towards the camera. Dense vegetation surrounds the car and…

Blanchard Livingstone Cabin
This image, taken in Oregon, shows the porch of the cabin. The right side of the image shows three people sitting on the wood railing of the porch. A car can be seen parked in front of the porch but is partially shrouded by vegetation. In the…

C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery, Camarillo
Exterior view of C. J. Daily and Sons Nursery in Camarillo, taken from field across the street. Several unidentified men stand outside the building. Two trucks are parked to the left of the building, one loaded with plants. There is an automobile…

Camping at Pierpont Bay
Bird's eye view of men, women, and children actively setting up a camping tent and campground. There is a car with people and a dog inside parked alongside the tent on what appears to be a road in the sand. The beach in the background appears to be…

Car and Surfboards for Puerto Vallarta Surfing
Shows parked car with doors open and trunk filled with surfboards and a wooden cart. Boards and cart appear to be strapped down, with small flags affixed to one of the boards. Museum records indicate that the car was packed for a surf trip to Puerto…

Car Trouble on Rincon Causeway
Rincon, east of causeway looking west, possibly showing the aftermath of storm in 1916. Causeway looks partially eroded in foreground and there is a wheelbarrow with equipment in it, perhaps for storm cleanup. There are people on the causeway near…

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Cars Buried by Flooding after St. Francis Dam Failure
View of two cars mostly submerged in what appears to be mud and rocks after the St. Francis Dam failure. Photograph notes state "Our car parked below all that's left of dam site."

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Cars Driving By Saint Francis Dam Debris, Santa Paula
View of a row of early automobiles driving past debris left by the Saint Francis Dam failure.
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