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Arcade, Ojai Avenue, Nordhoff, Calif. postcard
Street view of arcade along Ojai Avenue in Ojai. Road appears to be dirt and cars and horse drawn wagons visible in the road. Two people stand under arcade arches, looking at the viewer. Caption reads "Arcade Ojai Av. Nordhoff Calif."

Bank of A. Levy under Construction, Oxnard
Exterior view of Bank of A. Levy under construction on 5th and A streets. Image shows the front entrance and the left side of the building. Near the sidewalk on the left side of the bank are piles of debris with two men standing. There is a ladder on…

Hotel Leewood, Ventura
Front exterior view of Hotel Leewood, also known as Leewood Hotel & Cafe. A Pierce-Arrow car is parked in front with the driver inside. The hotel has a fountain in front and the address was 1112 Santa Clara Street. Note on verso by Arvella Temple:…

Coast Highway Bridge Across the Ventura River postcard
Image of Main Street Bridge or the Ventura River Bridge, a concrete arched bridge showing the Ventura River beneath it.
[Western Publishing & Novelty Co., Los Angeles, Calif., V-150 & 1A-H468]

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Seminary in Santa Barbara
Mounted photo of the exterior of Saint Anthony's Seminary in Santa Barbara. It is a brick 3 or 4 story structure with arched and dormer windows. Stone crosses decorate the front and sides of building and there is a low brick wall along the front of…

View of Olivas Adobe from the side, across a road or driveway. Adobe visible above a wall with an arch opening. Two cars are parked along the wall.

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Ventura River Bridge, 1918 postcard
View of partial underside and side of Ventura River Bridge from the bank of the river. River is in the foreground. Caption top left of postcard: "Ventura River Bridge, Ventura, Cal."
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal.]

Methodist Episcopal Church, Santa Paula postcard
Three quarter view of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Santa Paula.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura Cal. (Logo: Panama/California Exposition, San Diego; Slogan: "On The Road of a Thousand Wonders"), 3089 & A-16521]

Postcard of Concrete Bridge Across Ventura River
A post card of a coastal highway and a concrete bridge across the Ventura River.

Front facing view of Mission San Gabriel Arcangel with two men standing in front of it

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Old Courthouse on Santa Clara Street, Ventura, CA
Exterior view of the old Ventura County Courthouse on Santa Clara Street in Ventura. A horse and surrey are on the dirt road in front of the two story building. The jail can be seen in the rear.

[6028] Verso inscription: "Main building built in…

Ojai Post Office Tower and Portico
View from across the street of the front and side exterior of the Ojai post office, which has a prominent bell tower and a tile roof portico. Front of building reads "United States Post Office Ojai." There are parked cars along the streets…
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