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View from the side of Roosevelt Highway (Pacific Coast Highway) of a car coming toward the camera and one driving away in the distance. There are large rock formations along both sides of the highway as well as safety barriers. Photograph is…

Creek Scene, Matilija Hot Springs postcard
A group of women in long dresses or skirts and wide brimmed hats stand around a creek at Matilija Springs. A man lays on a rock looking into the creek. The caption on the top right states: Creek Scene, Matilija Hot Springs, Ventura Co.,…

Mother Eve Hot Springs, Matilija, Ventura postcard
Scene showing four men at Mother Eve Hot Springs in Matilija, Ventura. Three men are standing, one man is crouched down and holding a cane and a tea cup.
[MacGregor, J.J.; Albertype Co., The; Brooklyn, N.Y.]

Bathing at Lyon Springs, Matilija Canyon postcard
A river or pond with a rocky beach made up of large white stones and boulders backing up to a forest. A man in a suit and yellow hat sits near the top of the beach. A woman in pink sits closer to the shore. In the water are two children on a yellow…

Genoveva Spring at Wheeler's postcard
View of a spring with several people standing around it. The spring is in the foreground, with a small bridge over it. The people are standing next to or sitting on the rocks behind the spring. There are signs on the rocks. Caption at bottom reads:…

Santa Susana Pass postcard
Bird's-eye view of Santa Susana Pass. It is a rocky area with two highway lanes cutting through it. Mountains are visible in the background. Caption at top reads: "Santa Susana Pass, Between San Fernando and Ventura, Calif." Caption at bottom reads:…

Overhanging Rock postcard
View of what appears to be a pond overhung by a large rock. There is brush on both the rock and the shoreline of the pond. Caption at top reads: "Overhanging Rock, Matilija, Ventura Co., Cal."
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, 7834…

Large whale-faced rock in Ojai.
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