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Man on Horse Drawn Carriage
Faded brown toned photo of unidentified man, likely E. W. Daily, in carriage pulled by two white horses. Barley sacks in right of foreground. Another man standing next to carriage.

Note: Museum records include text, "After the barley was sacked."

Man and Two Children in Horse Drawn Carriage
Brown toned photo of man with two children in surrey drawn by two white horses and a small dog following behind. They are on road in front of fenced E.W. Daily home.

Horse-Drawn Buggy on Fillmore Grade
View of an unidentified woman riding a horse-drawn buggy up the Fillmore grade. Buggy is stopped and woman seems to be looking at the view of the hillsides and mountains.

Picnic Party at Camp Comfort
Image of a horse drawn carriage with a group of people in it on their way to or from a picnic at Camp Comfort. Museum records indicate the driver is N. S. Sanborn and the "bus" (carriage) is coming from Hotel Rose in Ventura.

Main Street, Nordhoff, California postcard
Street view of Main St., Nordhoff, California. To the left of the viewer there is a wooden utility post and a wooden building. To the right of the viewer there are shops along the dirt road. Signs for a bakery and a grocery store are visible.…

Ojai Avenue Nordhoff postcard
Street view of Ojai Avenue. There is a big building to the left of the viewer with tall columns at the front of the building. To the right of the viewer there is a grocery store. There are several carriages parked along the dirt road. Two trees stand…

First Presbyterian Church Postcard
Exterior, corner view of First Presbyterian Church, Ventura, with a horse and carriage parked on the street in front of the building. The corner of the building is dominated by a large bell tower. Large Norfolk pine in the background, medium height…

Orange Picking at Limoneira
Several men climb ladders to harvest oranges in an orchard at Limoneira. Oranges are slid down tubes into crates on the ground. Crates are stacked up in neat rows ready to be carried off. Charles Collins Teague sits in a horse drawn carriage at the…

Main Street, Ventura CA Looking East
Street scene looking eastward on Main Street in Ventura, CA. Horse drawn carriages and wagons are stopped in front of businesses, one horse drawn carriage with two passengers moves along the middle of Main Street. There are paved sidewalks and…

Sunday School Picnic at Presbyterian Church
A large group of people gather outside the First Presbyterian Church (corner of Oak and Meta Streets in Ventura, CA). Some people are in horse drawn wagons and many are on bicycles. Library records indicate this is a Sunday School picnic.

Nordhoff Taxi at Turn of the Century
Nordhoff taxi at turn of century--a horse drawn carriage or cart with room for passengers and light cargo. There are two men and one woman in the tax. Boyd Henry is seated and Tom Clark is standing. The woman is unidentified. There is a building with…

Ventura Railroad Station with Horse Car
Mounted image of the Ventura Railroad Station with a horse car. The horse car is a single train car being pulled along the tracks by a horse. Also visible in this scene are a horse and cart, and a crowd of people in front of the station. Museum…

Old Horse Car and Depot, Ventura, Cal. undated Color Post Card
View of train and horse car depot. Horses are pulling a trolley and several wagons. The depot building is behind the horse, and people are waiting at the depot. There are train tracks in the foreground. Caption at top: "Old Horse Car and Depot,…

Joe Horner in a horse-drawn surrey at the Santa Susana Pass
The Santa Susana Pass with Joe Horner in horse-drawn surrey. It is likely the old stage and mail coach line between Simi Valley and San Fernando Valley.

First Presbyterian Church, Ventura, post card
Exterior view of First Presbyterian Church, Ventura, with a horse and carriage stopped on one side.
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal. (Printed by Polychrome Co., San Francisco, Cal.)]

Street Scene, Ventura, 1908 post card
A street scene showing Main Street in Ventura, with bank on one corner and city hall in opposite corner at California Street.
[Rieder, M., Publ., Los Angeles. Made in Germany, 8119]

Woman and girl in a parade-decorated horse drawn cart.

Fourth of July Parade, 1890
Birds eye view of a Fourth of July parade in Ventura. Horse-drawn carriages are followed by a procession of men. There are spectators on street and sidewalk. Writing crossed out at top of photo. Mrs. C. H. Whitney associated with this photo.

Funeral procession outside of San Buenaventura Mission
Funeral procession about to leave the San Buenaventura Mission. The Reilly building, Armory Hall, and Anacapa Brewery can be see in the photo. Hearse and carriages are all horse-drawn.

Ventura City Hall
Ventura City Hall on the Northwestern corner of California St., with Ventura Court House at the top of California St.

Ventura County Co-operative Association
Post card of Ventura County Co-operative Association in Piru. A group of people gather on the porch with a horse and wagon with a driver in front of building. Meat Market and Piru Post Office signs are visible.

Dingman Photography Studio
Dingman Photography Studio located at 829 Main Street in Ventura. "1912" written on top left corner in black pen. There is a horse and wagon in front of the studio. The signage reads "Dingman Bros. Photos", and next door there is a shop that reads…

Thomas Bard in horse-drawn buggy in a parade
Victory parade (?), Thomas R. Bard in horse-drawn buggy
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