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Museum of Ventura County Employees in Costumes
Outdoor glossy photograph of Museum of Ventura County employees. All are wearing colorful costumes probably for upcoming event. One of the women (in a grass skirt in the middle) holds a two-headed lamb belonging to the museum's collection. [Two…


Pumpkins at Limoneira Ranch
Outdoor photograph of an extensive pumpkin patch at Limoneira Ranch, with a Victorian home and two red barns in the background.

Written on the back of the photo:
"This pleasing photograph captured by me, Dean Hobbs Blanchard, Ca. 1984, at the…


Large Group of Children in Costumes
Group photo of a large group of children all dressed in costumes. The children are standing in front of Washington School in Ventura, and most have big smiles. There are two teachers not in costume standing amongst them. It is unclear why they are in…

Group Photo in a Mass of Pumpkins
An unidentified group poses in a mass of pumpkins. Three women sit on pumpkins and each holds one pumpkin aloft in one hand. A man stands with a pipe in his mouth.

Johanna Overby Picking Pumpkins
Johanna Overby in foreground of image, picks a large pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. In the background is the Benjamin Dudley home on Telegraph Road in Ventura.

Elephant and Ape Seated Together
Spencer Garrett (left) wears an elephant costume while Nancy Garrett (right) wears an ape costume. They are seated at a banquet table at a United Way fundraiser in Camarillo, Cal. There are many people in the background. Ventura County Star-Free…

Golden West Days 1934, Library Staff Group Photo
Library staff in Ventura pose in costume for Golden West Days celebration, May 1934. They are outside on a lawn.

Back row (l-r): Pearl McDowell, Opal Elynn, Juanita Callender, Phyllis Raffeto (?), Dora Fossatti, Ana Jean Lewis, Louise Davis, Edna…

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Librarians Dressed as "Books"
Snapshot of 7 librarians dressed in costume. They pose outdoor on a lawn. A dog on a leash also joins them. Photo title was originally "Library stunt-Books."

Librarians pictured are (l-r): Dora Fossatti as "Hans Brinker"; Regina ____ as "Art in…

Fred Roth
Full portrait of Fred Roth, looking into the camera. He wears a tuxedo and bowtie as well as gloves and a hat. He is resting one arm on the back of a chair and holds a cane or walking stick. There is a false background behind him and furs on the…

Pile of Pumpkins
Mounted photograph of a pile of large pumpkins stacked in a wooded area. Engraved on one of the pumpkins is "RATS", and on another is "We are pumpkins F.F. Gaylord Chicago."


J. A. "Toots" Jauregui Driving Cattle
J. A. "Toots" Jauregui on horseback (top of image) drives a group of about ten cattle (seen in the middle and foreground of image). Ventura County Star-Free Press published 5 Apr 1987 according to library records.


China Day in the Alice M. Bartlett Club
Group photo of fifteen women dressed in Chinese traditional clothing as costumes.

Back row (l-r): 1. Mrs. Isensee 2. Katherine Crandall 3. Mrs. Mark 4. Katherine Philbrick, 5. Mrs. Chrisman, 6. __ 7. __ 8. Mrs. Raines.
Front row (l-r): 1. Lucky…

Hauling Grain in Simi
A group of men and horses at work with agricultural equipment. There are large stacks of what looks like hay in the background. According to the title given, they are hauling grain.

Chinese Domestic Worker in Army Uniform
Full portrait of an unidentified Chinese man in an army uniform and hat. He is standing with his hands behind his back looking at the viewer with a slight smile. Portrait taken in Tacoma, Washington, but according to library records, the man "was a…

Ebell Club Clubhouse
Exterior view of the Ebell Club, a women's club, clubhouse. It is a two story structure with a pond and bridge over the pond in front of it.

Tank House at Perkins Place
Exterior view of the tank house at Perkins place, which is currently (2020) the main office at Heritage Square in Oxnard. There are two open cars filled with people and a number of people standing around the cars. Library records state: "Rowe's old…

Egret at Walter Moranda Park
Side view of an egret standing in water with a branch sticking out of the water next to it. Image taken at Walter Moranda Park. Ventura County Star Free Press photo taken March 19, 1985; published March 20, 1985.


Carnegie Library Exterior Shortly After Completion, 1907
Exterior, bird's eye view of the Carnegie Library in Oxnard just after its construction in 1907. Houses and buildings are in view next to and behind the library as well as intersected roads at bottom of the image.

People's Lumber Company, Old Mill, Santa Paula
Image show the exterior of a wooden building with four men standing at an open door.


Bean Threshing With Yuba Tractor
Agricultural scene showing several men working with a Yuba tractor, threshing beans. Location and date unknown.

Walter W. Hoffman
Bust portrait of Walter W. Hoffman. He is wearing suit and tie and smiling slightly at the viewer. He served as Honorary chairman Ventura County Historical Museum Committee.

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Fillmore Citrus Association Mexican Band Group Photo
Group photo taken outdoors of members of of Frank Erskine's Mexican Band, the Fillmore Citrus Association Mexican Band. Members are seated and standing in about three rows, all men in uniforms and hats, holding their instruments. There is a drum kit…

Mill School Group Photo, 1913
Mounted photo of Mill School students outside of the schoolhouse's front steps and door. In addition to the schoolchildren, there appear to be two adults--a female teacher possibly and a male in overalls and boots--and a dog in the foreground in…

A. Norman Blacksmith Shop
Exterior view of "A. Norman Blacksmithing", a blacksmith shop owned by Arthur Norman. Street corner and side of shop is visible. The shop was at the corner of Oak and Santa Clara Streets, 403 Oak St., in Ventura. Signs on building also read…

Norman's Blacksmith Shop
Four men stand in front of a "A. Norman and Son Blacksmithing Shop" in Camarillo. Around them are horse-drawn vehicles or farm equipment. The door to the shop is open. One man is in a suit and tie, and the other three men wear work clothes--overalls…
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