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Black Swans and Magnolia Blossoms Painting
Painting shows five black swans floating in a pond with vegetation all around them. In the foreground a type tall pond grass. In the background magnolia flowers blossom, somewhat shrouding one of the swans behind its branches.

Simi-Santa Susanna Fair Booth
Ventura County Fair Booth for Simi-Santa Susanna, circa 1917-1920, showing a display of fruits and vegetable nestled amongst two tall trees. There is also a panted backdrop of agricultural fields and farmland with mountains in the background.…

Painting of Adolfo Camarillo on Horseback
A photograph copy of a painting of Adolfo Camarillo riding a Camarillo White Horse.

Photograph of a landscape painting.

Painting of a man canoeing, H. Simon.

Painting or drawing of street view of Mission San Buenaventura
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