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DeLee Playing on Beach A
Three photos of DeLee playing on the beach at Moore's cottages, now Solimar.

Photo A: DeLee sitting on the beach. Using a small tool, she shovels sand into a bucket. Automobile in background.

Photo B: DeLee and her mother Peggy sitting on the…

Beach Front Redevelopment Project Soil Samples
Map showing soil sample locations and descriptions for the Beach Front Redevelopment Project in Ventura, located between Figueroa Street and past California Street. 5 Samples are shown taken from various locations from the tip of the bank along the…

Castle Rock
View of the Castle Rock formation near Santa Barbara. Ocean visible to the right of the rock formation.

Ulpiano and Minnie Ruiz With Another Couple on Beach
Group portrait of two couples on the beach identified left to right as: Israel H., Mamie, and Minnie Ruiz. Ulpiano Ruiz is also identified, but is not clear which of the men he is. The couples sit on the sand with some belongings around them, and a…
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