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Ventura Junior College
Exterior view of Ventura Junior College. Shows two-story brick building with walkway leading to entrance. Garden bed splits the walkway. Palm trees line the building and ivy grows on the walls.

Motel Buildings
View of a motel, showing a row of three brick buildings. A woman is sitting in a chair on the porch of one of these buildings. To the right of the image is a wooden fence with gates to each brick structure as well as a small tree planted by each…

Bank of A. Levy, Fillmore
Exterior view of the Bank of A. Levy in Fillmore, located on the northeastern corner of Central Avenue and Main Street. Building is a two story, brick structure. View shows the western and southern faces of the building. Signs on building read "Bank"…

Hallstead's Auto Electric and Radio Shop, Fillmore
Exterior front view of Hallstead's Auto Electric and Radio Shop on Central Avenue in Fillmore. Car is parked in entryway, with additional cars and structures visible in background.

Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue
Curbside view of Fillmore Towne Theatre on Central Avenue. Three people are visible walking on sidewalk in front of theater. Adjacent storefronts made of brick. Early automobiles parked on street in front of theater.

Map of Elevations, Trees, and Power Poles in Parcel 1, Portion of Tract 24, Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai
Map showing elevations, trees, power poles, etc., in Parcel 1 being a Portion of Tract 24 of the Bard Subdivision, Rancho Ojai. Both Parcels 1 and 2 are shown on map located below Ojai Avenue. A brick house is visible on Parcel 1.

One of Many Beautiful Churches, Santa Paula postcard
View of the Universalist Unitarian Church taken from the street. Church is a brick building overgrown with ivy, covering front, sides, and a portion of the roof. The church has a high pitched roof and a tower at the front of the building. Portion of…

California Oil Museum postcard
A view of the front and side facades of the California Oil Museum in Santa Paula. The museum is in the same building where the Union Oil Company was organized in 1890. Building is made of brick or stone facing, with large glass windows on its ground…

Beet Sugar Factory At Oxnard postcard
An exterior view of the American Sugar Beet Co. building in Oxnard. It is a large brick, multi-story building. Two tall brick smokestacks are visible. Other factory equipment and buildings visible nearby.

Caption: Beet Sugar Factory at Oxnard,…

Beet Sheds, American Beet Sugar Co., Oxnard postcard
A view of the beet sheds at the sugar beet factory in Oxnard. The brick factory building is visible in the background.

Caption: Beet Sheds, American Beet Sugar Co., Oxnard, Ventura Co., Cal.

Verso: Message written to Miss Steele in Ohio, from…

Sugar Factory, Oxnard postcard
A view of the American Sugar Beet Company factory in Oxnard, California. It is a very large multi-story brick building. Additional smaller buildings on the site are visible along with tanks, two tall smokestacks, railroad tracks and various…

Santa Paula, Calif. postcard
A street view of the two-story Citizens State Bank building, located on Main Street in Santa Paula. The building has an arched entry and ornate ironwork over two windows facing Main Street. American flags mounted on poles line the sidewalks on Main…

Santa Paula, Calif., Bank of America postcard
A view of the Bank of America building on Main Street in Santa Paula, Calif. The bank is a square building with neo-classical design features on its facade, including molded columns and a diamond pattern below flat roof. There is a brick building…

Main Street, Ventura postcard
A view looking east on Main Street. The street is lined with commercial brick buildings, some of which have canvas awnings. People are visible on the sidewalk as well as seated in their horse-drawn buggies. A bicycle is propped up against a curb. …

Oxnard High School
Exterior view of Oxnard High School taken from across the street to the far right of the entrance. 1920s style car parked on the half-circular driveway in front of entrance.

Oxnard High School
Exterior view of Oxnard High School. Image taken to the right of the entrance from across the street with road visible in the foreground. Long two story building with short one story L-shaped adjacent structures on either side. In front of the…

Pisgah Grande Tower of Prayer Exterior
Image shows a two story tower building made of brick with a chimney and a makeshift spire. Building was used by the Pisgah Grande community, and is in disuse and disrepair.

Image is marked "Proof", as it is from an unpublished book proof.

Pisgah Grande Buildings
A two or three story building with a brick first floor and wooden top floor/floors in dilapidated condition. Building used by member of the Pisgah Grande community.

Image is marked "Proof", as it is from an unpublished book proof.

J. Feraud's Grocery Store
Exterior view of J. Feraud's Grocery store on the corner of Main Street and Ventura Avenue in Ventura. It is a brick building with many windows and a large mural on a side wall advertising "Recruit Cigars. Best nickel cigar in the world." Men and…

Camulos Winery
A large two story brick building makes up the right side of the image, and a road with a fence and trees alongside it makes up the left side of the image. Mountains in the background.

E. P. Foster Library and Ventura City Hall
Exterior bird's eye view of the E. P. Foster Library and Ventura City Hall on Main Street in Ventura. The front landscaping, long walkway to the building, and two sets of steps leading up to the entrance on the second floor of the brick building…

Theodore A. Kelsey Home in Saticoy
Exterior view of stores on E. Main Street. Shows a two story brick building with businesses that share walls. A car is parked on the left of the image.

From l-r: Nettie Ward (Real Estate?) at 936 E. Main St.; Apollo Theater at 934 E. Main St.;…

Public Library, Ventura, California, "Foster Library" postcard
Exterior view of the Foster Library in Ventura, a three story brick building with what appear to be two entrances--one on the ground floor, and one on the second floor that has steps leading up to it on both sides of the building. It shows a vast…

Cole of California Incorporated, Plant No. 3
Exterior view of a building with a business name reading: "Cole of California Incorporated, Plant No. 3." Building is on Thompson Blvd. at San Clemente Street in Ventura, CA. The brick building has a sign on it reading "A. C. Winnor Block 1929." The…

Abundio Sanchez and Grandson Adrian Sanchez
Abundio Sanchez stands alongside his grandson Adrian, a boy of about 4, holding Adrian's hand in one of his. They stand on a sidewalk in front of a brick building with an arched window just behind them. Abundio wears a three piece suit, tie, and hat.…
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