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Women Posing with Turkey
Picture of five women outside of the E.W. Daily household. The caption for the photo reads "The Pet Turkey Lover". From left to right: Mrs. Bayer, Mrs. Daily, Bern, Nell, and Ruth "The Turkey Tamer". The two women in the middle are kneeling next to…

William Rinebanger Home and Family
William Rinebanger and family in front yard of their home. One man (Wm. Rinebanger probably) and two women stand and two little girls sit in the grass in the front yard of the single level home. He is in a suit and the women and girls are wearing…

Pringle Blanchard and Peeper the Duck A
Four snapshot photos of Pringle Blanchard holding Peeper the duck. Pringle is sitting on a grass lawn. She wears a white dress and headband. Each photo shows her in slightly different pose holding Peeper. Peeper appears to be a mallard hen.…

Epifanio and Erlinda Arellanes Manzo
Shows Epifanio (right) and Erlinda Arellanes Manzo standing next to a parked automobile on Meta Street. Erlinda is wearing a light-colored dress. Epifanio is wearing a dark cardigan sweater and striped tie. A dog is visible sitting in the driver's…

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E.W. Daily Family Portrait
E. W. Daily family portrait on the steps of the family home. There are five women and two men. The family dog is pictured on the left of the image. Two of the people in the picture are standing on the walkway to the household rather than the steps.…

Delphine Ruiz Zapf and Two Dogs
Shows Delphine Ruiz Zapf standing in the street outside of 57 N. Laurel Street with two small dogs. Delphine is holding a shovel and is looking at the dogs. She is wearing a short-sleeved dress and gardening gloves. Dogs appear to be dachshunds. Dog…

Dean H. Blanchard's Beloved Ducks
Close-up view of Dean H. Blanchard's Mallard ducks by the Santa Paula Blanchard Ranch Reservoir. Six ducks in view, two hens, four drakes. Background out of focus.

Note: "Enlarged by Earl V. Lewis Co. LKA and Hollywood."

Charles Zapf Sitting with Schnaps the Dog
Shows Charles F. Zapf sitting in the backyard of 57 N. Laurel Street. His pet dachshund, Schnaps, is laying on his lap. Garden beds and shrubbery visible in background.
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