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Daily Family Members Outside
Outdoor photo of two men and one woman in center standing under trees. Building in background. Daily family members, exact identities undetermined.

Mrs. Crowley in Rocking Chair Outdoors with Cat
Faded brown toned outdoor photo of woman in rocker holding cat. Woman is likely Mrs. Crowley, mother of Mrs. E.W. Daily. Another woman in left rear of photo. Photo taken on E.W. Daily property.

Outdoor scene showing a young woman posing in front of a window of a wooden building. The woman is wearing a light colored skirt and blouse. She is smiling and looking towards the viewer. She has one hand on her hip. On ecru cardboard backing.

Couple Sitting in Garden
Outdoor scene showing a young woman and man sitting on chairs, or wooden supports, in a garden. The woman wears a leg-of-mutton sleeve blouse and dark skirt. She is looking towards the man. The man faces the viewer and is wearing a light hat, darkā€¦

Woman Lounging in Garden
Outdoor scene showing a young woman lounging on a blanket in a garden. Trees and flowers surround the woman. She wears a patterned blouse, light-colored skirt, and appears to read a newspaper of magazine. On ecru cardboard backing.

Portrait of two women.

Portrait of a woman.

Portrait of a woman.
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