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Daily Family Members Outside
Outdoor photo of two men and one woman in center standing under trees. Building in background. Daily family members, exact identities undetermined.

Etta Crowley Daily and Two Women at Picnic Table
Outdoor photo of three women near picnic table. Two women standing, one seated. Woman seated is Mrs. E.W. Daily (Etta Crowley Daily).

People at Picnic Among Trees
Photo of people gathered around picnic table surrounded by trees. Three women sitting on front-facing side of table, one man sitting on back-facing side of table. One man standing in background behind table in shade.

Mrs. Crowley in Rocking Chair Outdoors with Cat
Faded brown toned outdoor photo of woman in rocker holding cat. Woman is likely Mrs. Crowley, mother of Mrs. E.W. Daily. Another woman in left rear of photo. Photo taken on E.W. Daily property.

Outdoor scene showing a young woman posing in front of a window of a wooden building. The woman is wearing a light colored skirt and blouse. She is smiling and looking towards the viewer. She has one hand on her hip. On ecru cardboard backing.

Celia Zapf in Opera Costume
Shows Celia Zapf standing in the side alley of 57 N. Laurel Street. She is dressed in a costume for a Glee Club opera performance at Ventura High School. Her costume includes a tiered skirt and black lace veil.

Clyde and Kitty Wykoff
Full portrait of Clyde Wykoff and Kitty Wykoff, standing in an orchard in Nordhoff. They were Ventura County pioneers.

Eva Sanchez, Age 8
Eva Sanchez at age 8 years, 2 months posed for a full outdoor portrait. She is on the walkway outside of a house and smiles at the viewer while holding out the sides of her floor length skirt.

Pansy Augusta Brewster Walking On a Pipe
Blue toned outdoor photograph of Pansy Augusta Brewster walking along and balancing on a pipe. Big smile on face. There are trees and the faint outline of a mountains in the background. Photograph is mounted on an odd shaped cardboard backing,…

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Simon Cohn Family Portrait
Simon Cohn family outdoor portrait. Back row: Dora Cohn Sanderson, Jake Cohn, Minnie Cohn, Esther Cohn. Rosenmayer, Simon Cohn, Helen Cohn Helms, Gertrude Cohn. Front row: Hortense Cohn Zander, Mildred Cohn Berkowitz, Leona Cohn Berkowitz.
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