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Dean H. Blanchard's Beloved Ducks
Close-up view of Dean H. Blanchard's Mallard ducks by the Santa Paula Blanchard Ranch Reservoir. Six ducks in view, two hens, four drakes. Background out of focus.

Note: "Enlarged by Earl V. Lewis Co. LKA and Hollywood."

Pringle Blanchard and Peeper the Duck A
Four snapshot photos of Pringle Blanchard holding Peeper the duck. Pringle is sitting on a grass lawn. She wears a white dress and headband. Each photo shows her in slightly different pose holding Peeper. Peeper appears to be a mallard hen.…

Feeding Ducks and Geese
Outdoor scene of unidentified man feeding ducks and geese at a small pond. Man is wearing suit and hat. Ducks, geese, and one chicken crowd at one end of the pond. Farm buildings and fence in background.
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