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Topsy and Sir Gallahad
Indoor scene showing two cats lounging on a bed. Cats are identified as "Topsy and Sir Gallahad". Topsy is a shorthaired, solid-colored cat, likely gray. Sir Gallahad is a shorthaired black cat. Door and nightstand in background.

Hill Ranch Guest Bedroom
Interior scene of a guest bedroom at Hill Ranch in Casitas Valley. Shows furnishing including a bed, chairs, benches, and a covered Singer sewing machine. Windows wrap around the walls opposite the bed. Potted plants decorate the windows.

Bedroom with Altar and Heirlooms
View of a bedroom at Rancho Camulos. In the center of the image is the bed. The bed is covered by decorative sheets and blankets. Bookshelves on each side of the bed. On the right is an altar with a pattered altar cloth. On the left is a couch. Thereā€¦
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