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Snow in Thousand Oaks
Snapshot of snow covered oak trees. According to museum records: "Trees across road from Nixon property" covered in snow, most likely in 1948.

Japanese Group Picnic
This image shows several Japanese-American families posing for a group photo during a picnic. This is a full-view exterior daylight photo.

Ojai Avenue, Ojai, California 1930 postcard
Caption: "Ojai Avenue, Ojai California."
Street view of Ojai Avenue. Early 20th century automobiles are parked on both sides of the busy tree-lined street. One car drives away from the viewer. The vine covered Arcade sits to the left, and the United…

The Camarillo Ranch Home Post Card
Front view of Don Adolfo's home, a multi story Victorian style clapboard house. The largest part of the house is two stories, but there is attic turret in the middle of the roof, and a large turret on the right that is three stories. The home is…

Soper's Ranch House and Service Station Postcard
A car is pulled up to a service station pump. Above it is a sign reading "Fredricksburg Beer" on the left half and "Soper's Ranch Cafe & Cottages" on the right. A shack sits to the right of the pumping station with a sign on top that says "Cottages…

Thousand Oaks, California postcard
A shot of an oak tree standing by itself in a field on the right. In the background are many more trees, possibly all oaks. A blue metal building is partially visible through the shrubbery in the bottom left of the shot.
[Columbia Publishing, 11401…

Overhanging Rock postcard
View of what appears to be a pond overhung by a large rock. There is brush on both the rock and the shoreline of the pond. Caption at top reads: "Overhanging Rock, Matilija, Ventura Co., Cal."
[Rieder, M., Los Angeles, Cal., made in Germany, 7834…

Tunnel, Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A car drives through a tunnel at Wheelers Hot Springs. A tree is in the foreground to the left of photo. A man stands in the background on the other side of the tunnel. Caption at bottom of postcard reads: "The Tunnel, Wheelers Hot Springs, Ventura…

Ojai Arcade and Post Office
Post card of Ojai Arcade and Post Office

Large Oak tree between buildings.

Old oak tree with people in automobile.

Large live oak tree with several people and dog, with orchard in background.

View from Mountains of Simi Valley, 1904
Birds eye view, writing on bottom center states: "A view from the mountains of Simi Valley. Showing Oak Grove & 2500 acres of grain." Four hunters are also present in the photo.

Large oak tree and man with orchard in background.
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