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Hill School in Late 1870s
Mounted stereoscope image of Hill School students. Shows an exterior side view of Hill School with students lined up next to the school. Several students are also crowded onto the balcony/veranda of the school (on left of image), and shows students…

Little Boy Netting Fish at Ventura County Fair
Corey Salter netting fish at Ventura County Fair. Salter concentrates as the extends a net toward fish. Photo taken for the Ventura County Star Free Press 25 Aug 1988 published 27 Aug 1988.

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Women Pulling a Cart
Mrs. L. C. Rudolph and Mrs. Dunlap pull a cart that usually hitched to a horse. The cart is loaded up with a woman and girl, Mrs. Henson and Genevieve Rudolph, respectively. Manuel Flores is pushing cart from behind. The group smiles at the viewer.…

Matilija Plunge Group Photo
Group photo of four boys in swimsuits standing in a line on steps outside of Matilija Plunge. There are some adults in the background seated on a porch.

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Valentine Party
Group photo of women in attendance at a Valentine's Day party. They are indoors, in two rows, one row sitting and the other row standing behind them. All of the women are in position for a portrait, but they aren't all still or looking at the camera,…

Children's Parade
Children's parade down Main Street, Ventura. The children stand in a "V" formation holding with one hand what appear to be sheets that have been knotted together to form the "V." In their other hand, they hold US flags high up in the air. More…

Dancing at Pioneer Picnic
A group dances the Virginia Reel at the Pioneer Picnic at Foster Park in 1931. Men stand in line facing women who are also in a line. A man with a violin stands close to them. The Pioneer Picnic was held for a group called the Ventura County Pioneers…

Bathing in the Ventura Surf
A group of men and women stand in shallow water at the beach; they stand in a row holding hands facing the viewer. Other men and women stand in the surf in the background, one woman sits on a man's shoulders.

Women and Girls Stretch on Beach
A group of six women and girls appear to be stretching out before a ball game (a ball is on the ground near them) on an Oxnard beach. They are in swimsuits and are all in a row performing the same stretch. They stand near the shoreline.

Adolphe & Tess Flynn
Bust portrait of Adolphe and Tess Flynn looking at each other surrounded by branches of an evergreen tree. They are gazing and smiling at one another and reaching their right hands toward each other.

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Picnic at Kenney Grove Park
Group photo of a group of people sitting at a picnic table at Kenney Grove park. There is a tablecloth on the table loaded with food. Picnic tables, trees, and parked cars in the background.

Irene Sanchez in Goat Cart
Irene Sanchez smiles adorably at the viewer while driving a goat-drawn cart. The cart reads "Fillmore Calif. 1927" in the front and is attached to a large white goat with horns.

Group Photo in a Mass of Pumpkins
An unidentified group poses in a mass of pumpkins. Three women sit on pumpkins and each holds one pumpkin aloft in one hand. A man stands with a pipe in his mouth.

Elephant and Ape Seated Together
Spencer Garrett (left) wears an elephant costume while Nancy Garrett (right) wears an ape costume. They are seated at a banquet table at a United Way fundraiser in Camarillo, Cal. There are many people in the background. Ventura County Star-Free…

Librarians Dressed as "Books"
Snapshot of 7 librarians dressed in costume. They pose outdoor on a lawn. A dog on a leash also joins them. Photo title was originally "Library stunt-Books."

Librarians pictured are (l-r): Dora Fossatti as "Hans Brinker"; Regina ____ as "Art in…

Pansy Augusta Brewster Walking On a Pipe
Blue toned outdoor photograph of Pansy Augusta Brewster walking along and balancing on a pipe. Big smile on face. There are trees and the faint outline of a mountains in the background. Photograph is mounted on an odd shaped cardboard backing,…

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Pansy Augusta Brewster, Baby Portrait
Full, seated portrait of a smiling Pansy Augusta Brewster in an upholstered chair, clutching a doll to her side. She is looking off the left of the viewer, and her body is turned left.

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Lucy Ruiz
Staged full body portrait of Lucy Ruiz in a dark Victorian gown and a hair band made of red, white and blue lightbulbs which lit up. She is also holding a banner which reads 'T Ruiz. Electrical Supplies' with a bouquet of lightbulbs at the top of the…

Katherine Hoffman Haley and Santa Claus on a Motorcycle
Katherine Hoffman is sitting astride a motorcycle with Santa Claus riding in a sidecar. They appear to be parked on a bluff. Santa is wearing his traditional outfit and has goggles perched on his hat. Hoffman is wearing a plain jacket, a blouse and…

Inadomi Residence
This image shows several adults gathered around a barbeque in the backyard of the Inadomi residence at 619 South C Street, Oxnard, California.

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Wedding of Blanch Kohn
Blanche Kohn and her new husband are seen leaving a building post wedding ceremony (sign on building says community center). The bride and groom are smiling as small things are thrown at them (possibly rice?). Behind the bride and groom are Henry…

Group Photo, Edith Hoffman and Katherine Haley with a Man and Woman
Group photo of Edith Hoffman (seated, left) and Katherine Haley (seated, right) with unidentified man and woman. They are indoors, possibly at a party. Three of the group are wearing leis.


Ojai Valley House Illustration
Illustration of Ojai Valley House, a large two story structure with a circular driveway in front and a picket fence around the property. It is a busy scene with people walking around the grounds, sitting, and playing croquet. There are tents set up…

Playing in the Snow in Ventura
Snapshot of three unidentified women and one unidentified man playing in the snow. People and trees visible in the background.


Making a Snowman in Ventura
Snapshot of four unidentified people, three women and one man, building a snowman during a rare snowfall in Ventura. A snowy hillside is in the background.

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