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Man and Woman on Porch
Image depicts an unidentified man and woman standing on the porch of the main building at Rancho Camulos. The man is in motion seemingly bowing at the woman while the woman looks towards the man. The man is wearing a suit and the woman is wearing a…

Nena del Valle Cram with Guitar
Portrait photograph of Nena del Valle Cram. She is sitting on a bench wearing a dress and a cloth headscarf. She is holding a guitar in her portrait.

Lummis & Susanita Dancing
Image depicts Charles Lummis and Susanita del Valle dancing with one another on a porch at Rancho Camulos. There are two wooden pillars in the foreground. Behind the dancers is a bench with a doorway on both sides of the bench.

Group Photo at Rancho Camulos
Image shows a group photo taking place in Rancho Camulos. Three women and one man sitting on a bench make up the image, with two big wooden doors on either side of the subjects. Each person with a number over their heads in order to identify the…

Entrance to the Chapel
Image depicts the corridor that leads into the chapel at Rancho Camulos. Lattice fencing on both sides of the corridor. A bench sits outside of the chapel door. To the left of the door are a long bench and potted plants. The interior of the chapel is…

Ruth Sitting Atop a Boat<br />
<br />
View of a woman identified as Ruth sitting on top of a grounded boat along a beach. In the background of the image a large building can be seen as well as the surrounding mountains. To the right in the background people are visible standing along the…

Plaza Park in Ventura
View of Plaza Park shows big grass lawn that takes up most of the image. Various large trees are planted in the lawn including large palm trees that can be seen in the middle and to the right of the picture. A picnic bench is placed in the bottom…

Mission Corridor, Church of St. Mary Magdalen, Camarillo postcard
View from a covered walkway at the Church of St. Mary Magdalen in Camarillo. An arch-covered outdoor corridor with a bench is depicted. Trees and brick structures are visible through the arches. There are mountains in the distance.

[Brakey, J.R.,…

Pacific Coast Highway Construction
Image shows unpaved Pacific Coast Highway cutting through large rock formations. A picnic bench sits at the side of the unpaved highway on the left of the image.

Pierpont Inn, Exterior View
Exterior front view of the Pierpont Inn, taken from the grounds in front and to the right of the building. Driveway is visible in the image as well as landscaping and a bench around the inn.

ESL Class at the Gila River Relocation Center
This image shows an interior group portrait of adult learners attending an ESL (English as a second language) class at the Gila River Relocation Center.

Father Serra's Cross on Hill Overlooking Ventura postcard
Pathway with two benches facing each other in the foreground alongside Father Serra's Cross. View of Ventura and the ocean in the background.
[San Buenaventura and Channel Coast Natural History Association]

Veranda, Pierpont Cottages, Ojai Valley, Near Nordhoff, Ventura Co. postcard
Veranda of the Pierpont Cottages showing a series of rocking chairs, a floor rug and benches. Various types of plants, including palm trees, are shown in the view off of the veranda.
[John R. Brakey, Ventura, Cal. (C.T. Photochrom), A-57611]

Oxnard Hotel postcard
View of the Oxnard Hotel, a large building with a tower on top. A park is visible in the foreground. The sky is colored blue while the rest of the image is black and white. Caption at bottom reads: "Oxnard Hotel, Oxnard, Cal."
[Auburn Post Card Mfg.…
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