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Ventura Pier Fire, 1936
Bird's-eye view of the Ventura Pier and outlying buildings in flames. Thick smoke obscures most of the structures. Firefighters on the beach spray water upwards at the fire. Crowd of onlookers in foreground. Photograph originally published in the…

Forest Service Workers Creating Fuelbreak
View of three Forest Service workers using shovels to clear an unpaved road in Gridley Canyon during the 1948 Wheeler Springs fire. Debris and flames can be seen to the left of the road.

Portrait of a Weary Firefighter, 1948 Wheeler Springs Fire
Portrait of a firefighter sitting on the ground, massaging his right foot. His boot is on the ground next to him. He is holding his sock in his right hand. His face appears to be smudged with dirt or ash.

Note: Museum records indicate that the…

Firefighters Putting Out Oil Fire
Five fire fighters wearing bunker gear spraying water from two hoses to create a heat shield against an oil fire.

Note: "pk 74"

Firefighters Giving CPR
Man lying on a blanket on asphalt. Two firefighters kneel next to him, performing CPR (cardio-pulmonary resuscitation). Firefighter on left holding oxygen mask to man's face. Firefighter on right performing chest compressions. Medical kits on ground…

Aftermath of Ojai Fire, 1917
Group of men, possibly firefighters, examining rubble and debris following the Ojai Fire in 1917. Two men are holding a fire hose. Clouds of smoke obscure the background.

Ventura Fire Department Group Photo, 4th of July
Group photo Ventura Fire Department on Fourth of July, 1924. Men sit in vehicles decorated as if for a parade in front of the fire house.

People are identified as (l-r): A. 0. Wadleigh, John Behn, -----, August Esperance, William Janssen,…

Ventura Fire Department, 1900, Portraits
Individual bust portraits of the members of the Ventura Fire Department, 1900. Printed on the image is "Presented by J.H. Scotford, 6 March 1900."
Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
Newby, Ed; Delagere, A.; Briggs, A.D.; Day, M.E.; Bean, John;…

Fire House, Ventura, Cal. Post Card
Street view of Venture Fire Department. A rectangular, two story adobe building sits on the corner of the street, with its entrance to the left. Spanish tile awnings hang over the windows on the second floor, squares turret on each corner, and a…

Ventura Fire House Postcard
Photograph captioned "Fire House, Ventura, Cal." Two people stand at the entrance of the fire house, as someone rides toward the entrance on a horse. Mountains are visible in the background. There are houses and buildings on both sides of the fire…
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