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Decorated Automobiles
Row of five automobiles decorated in flowers and flags for unknown celebration. Men dressed in dark shirts and light pants and hats pose with the vehicles. Second automobile from the right appears to be a fire engine with ladder and bell.

Fillmore Fire Department and Chief of Police Group Photo
Group photo of Fillmore Fire Department fire fighters in and around a firetruck. One little boy sits on the firetruck as well. Chief of Police Earl Hume is on a motorcycle parked next to the firetruck. All face the viewer. According to library…

Santa Paula's first volunteer Fire Department
Santa Paula's first volunteer fire department, Fourth of July parade, Ventura, 1913. Left to right: Albert Thille, driver, Dudley Davis, Charles King, Alfred Clayton, standing on step, Evelyn Shipley, Chief Frank Shipley, Jim Achilles, P.A.…


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