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Celebrating the Completion of a New Telephone Building in Ventura
A crowd of men, women and children gather in a new telephone building to celebration its completion. Building on the corner of Fir and Santa Clara Streets in Ventura. One man sits at a desk with a telephone in hand as if speaking on the phone.

Group Photo at Beet Grower's Barbecue
Group photo at Beet Grower's Barbecue given by American Beet Sugar Company at Oxnard, Nov. 7, 1917.

Bathers at Pierpont Beach
View of crowds of people wading in the ocean and lounging on the sand at Pierpont Beach.

Opening of the Maricopa Highway
Six young women dressed in bathing suits and high heels pose in front of a sign at the opening of Maricopa Highway [California State Route 33]. A crowd of people is visible on the left side of the image. Motorcycles are visible in background. Sign…

Joe E. Brown Cutting Cake at Ventura County Fair
Actor Joe E. Brown (left) and three others cutting a large, decorated cake baked by Bill Baker, at the Ventura County Fair. Bill Baker is second from the left. Crowd visible in background.

Aftermath of 1938 Sespe Creek Flood
Collapsed bridge following the Sespe Creek flood in 1938. People stand on each side of the bridge, looking down at the creekbed. Other group of people look at the damage from the ground by the creek.

Crowd Looking Over Saint Francis Dam Debris, Santa Paula
View of a crowd looking over damage from the Saint Francis Dam Failure. Some of the crowd looking at pile of debris in center of view. In background, other individuals are visible walking through the debris.

Early Bardsdale School
Exterior view of an early Bardsdale school, with small crowd gathered. Trees visible in background.

Note: Museum records indicate that the school was torn down in 1918.

Bird's Eye View of the Ventura Street Fair, 1901
Bird's eye view of the Ventura Street Fair. Crowds of people fill the street. A Maypole with children dancing around it is visible in the foreground. Also visible is a stage with carpet leading to the Fair's Queen and her court. Storefronts are…

President McKinley Arriving in Ventura by Train
View of President McKinley's train arriving at the Ventura station. A crowd of people are waiting on the platform. Other pedestrians and horse-drawn vehicles are shown in the foreground, passing the photographer.

Main Street, Ventura Parade
Bird's eye view of a marching band making its way down Main Street near California Street in Ventura, CA. Three men on horseback follow the band. Several spectators on one side of the street are in the image. Some storefronts are visible, including…

Cross on the Hill
A large crowd gathers in front of the cross on the hill in present day (2022) Grant Park in Ventura. Men, women, and children are present, all wearing hats. Many people hold parasols. Museum notes refer to this being "Admission Day", the day the…

Old Hueneme Lighthouse Group Photo
A very large group of men, women, and children pose for a picture outside of the old Hueneme Lighthouse. People pack the front porch and steps, as well as the balcony. Some men are on the porch roof. Lightkeeper Charles Allen is in the front row in…

Dedication of Pioneer Monument
A large crowd of men, women, and children gather along either side of the Pioneer Monument in Foster Park on the occasion of its dedication on June 9, 1934. The monument is comprised on a bronze plaque on a Sespe brownstone boulder that lists the…

Southern Pacific Depot, Santa Paula
A large crowd is gathered outside of the Southern Pacific Railroad depot. They gather on the platform and also near the tracks. A bus, bicycle, and baby carriage re visible.

Ventura Theatre Opening
View of crowds of men and women gathered in front of Ventura Theatre on Chestnut Street for its opening in August 1928. Side view of theatre from across the street just south of the theater. It appears to be evening. Marquee reads: New Ventura…

Dedication of Ventura County Court House, 1913
Side view of the dedication ceremony taking place for the Ventura County Courthouse in 1913. Several people stand on the front entrance and side of the building. Chairs are set up in the grass in front of the building with several groups of people…

Ventura Street Fair Parade, 1900
Parade scene on Main Street in Ventura during the Ventura Street Fair in 1900. Storefronts are visible as are tents for fair vendors set up in front of the stores. In front of the tents, a large crowd watches the parade procession that includes men…

Street Scene, Hueneme, 1895
Glossy photocopy of "Street Scene Hueneme 1895. M. E. Church and School in background". Busy scene showing men on horseback and horses pulling large wagons of cargo through Hueneme. Smaller wagons and horses also visible in dirt street, parked in…

Dedication Ceremony for Ventura City Hall
Dedication ceremonies for Ventura City Hall on Poli Street in Ventura. A large crowd stands on the front steps and on Poli Street, some sitting in folding chairs.

Santa Paula Railroad Station in Oval Frame
A very large crowd gathers at the Santa Paula Railroad Station. Image is a photograph of a photograph in an ornate oval frame.

Crowd at Santa Paula Depot, 100th Anniversary of Railroad's Arrival
Group photo of a large crowd gathered to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Southern Pacific Railroad coming to Santa Paula. The crowds cheers and watches a diesel engine pull a ceremonial 100th anniversary train into the station. Train in the…

Santa Paula Railroad Centennial Celebration
A large crowd gathers around the outside of the Santa Paula Railroad Station and on the opposite side of the station across train tracks to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the first trains coming through Santa Paula. Railroad tracks run…

Santa Paula Railroad Centennial Celebration
A large crowd gathers around the outside of the Santa Paula Railroad Station to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the first trains coming through Santa Paula. The railroad tracks are in the foreground. Some children and adults are seen…

Tank House at Perkins Place
Exterior view of the tank house at Perkins place, which is currently (2020) the main office at Heritage Square in Oxnard. There are two open cars filled with people and a number of people standing around the cars. Library records state: "Rowe's old…
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