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Scott Peck and "Wizard" at Ventura County Fair
Shows Scott Peck and "Wizard," the 4-H prize sheep at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Scott is kneeling behind Wizard and appears to be supporting the sheep's head. Wizard is has its wool shorn and has a white body with black face and…

Lance Gunter and Prize Hog at Ventura County Fair
Shows Lance Gunter, a student from Fillmore, with his FFA prize hog at the Ventura County Fair livestock auction. Lance is kneeling on the ground, behind his pig, with a hand resting on its back. He is looking towards the viewer. The pig is a…

Produce Displays
Shows various kinds of produce on display at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Gourds, apricots, fruit preserves, and more are shown. Light display with prop oil towers in background.

Sugar Beets on Display
Shows five sugar beets on display at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. A measuring stick is between the second and third beets, from the left. Measurements of the beets are not legible.

Walnut Display
Walnut display at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Sacks of Diamond Brand walnuts are positioned upright on table. Cans, farming equipment, and signs reading "Use More Walnuts" are also displayed.

Rancho Sespe Fruit Display
Shows the Rancho Sespe fruit display at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Boxes of citrus are arranged to showcase the fruit. Other boxes are arranged along base of the display to showcase the citrus labels. A trophy is in the center of the exhibit.

Old Pavilion at Ventura County Fair
Shows the exterior of the old pavilion building at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. View taken from grassy field in center of racetrack. People leading animals walk along the track, and pavilion. Two American flags on pavilion roof.

Proud Eric and Bashful Idol
Shows Proud Eric and Bashful Idol, two show cattle belonging to F. F. Peabody of Eagle Ranch in Atascadero, Calif. The cattle were likely shown during the 1921 Ventura County Fair. The cattle have shiny, black fur and wear bridles. They appear to…

Show Cow
A "show" cow shown during the 1921 Ventura County Fair. Cow stands in profile view, with side facing viewer. Cow is white with several, small black spots. Cow wears a bridle.

Chariot Team
Shows a chariot team standing next to grandstands. Team consists of four horses to pull the chariot. Charioteer stands in the chariot, holding what appears to be a whip.

Chariot Race
Shows charioteers and horses mid-race. The horses are running down a dirt racetrack. Trees in background.

Show Cows
Three "show" cows shown at the 1921 Ventura County Fair. The three cows stand side-by-side. Middle cow has white fur. Cows on right and left are black and white. The cows wear bridles and reins. Two men visible in background.

Melanie Allred and Freddie the Goat
Portrait of Melanie Allred posed with her goat "Freddie," the grand champion Anglo-Nubian goat at the Ventura County Fair. Tom Pugliese on left and Plinky Mier on right. Freddie is wearing a floral cape. Signs in background for 4-H and Ventura County…

Joe E. Brown Cutting Cake at Ventura County Fair
Actor Joe E. Brown (left) and three others cutting a large, decorated cake baked by Bill Baker, at the Ventura County Fair. Bill Baker is second from the left. Crowd visible in background.

Ventura County Fair Bees and Honey Exhibit, 1923
View of the Bees and Honey Exhibit at the Ventura County Fair. Exhibit consists of three tables with a pastoral scene as a backdrop. Left table displays honeycomb. Middle table displays a diagram of an apiary. Right table displays jars of honey.

Queen Bertha and Her Court, Ventura Street Fair
Group photo of people dressed in Baroque-style costumes at the Ventura Street Fair. Two people are seated in thrones in the center of the image, the one seated in the left throne is a woman wearing a crown and identified as "Queen Bertha." Two girls…

Dean Hobbs Blanchard at Goleta 1949 Festival
Portrait of Dean Hobbs Blanchard wearing a straw cowboy hat and posed behind a cutout standee of a person holding a bottle of wine. Circular sign on cutout reads, "Goleta 1949 Festival"

Lagomarsino's Booth at Ventura Street Fair
View of Jon Lagomarsino's Liquor Booth at the Ventura Street Fair, 1900. Booth is circular with wooden railing going around it. A sign on top reads "J. Lagomarsino Wholesale & Retail Wines, Liquors, Cigars" Framed advertisements for cigars decorate…

Shaw's Beverages at Street Fair
Floyd Shaw, wearing suit and bow-tie, poses holding a cup, standing behind a table displayed with bottled beverages, sasparilla and cider among them. Caption at the bottom of the photograph indicates that "Floyd's whiskers are real."

Fillmore Queen Candidates Group Photo
Group photo of the Queen and queen candidates in Fillmore. L-R: unidentified man, Esther Romero, rear, Queen Helen Hernandez, Isabel Ramirez. The Queen wears a cape or robe. Photo taken September 16 of 1944 or 1945. They appear to be at an outdoor…


Camarillo White Horses on Parade
Camarillo White Horses and riders in the County Fair Parade on Main Street. Parade watchers are visible in the foreground.

This view of the parade is in front of the Darden and Randall Buick Agency (52 E. Main Street).

Ventura Street Fair Postcard
Aerial view of a busy street fair in Ventura, California. There is a line of vendor canopies along the center of the street; one has the sign "Information" and another sign says "Temple Beth Torah."
[McGrew Color Graphics, Kansas City, MO 64108,…

Attendees in Carriage at the Ventura County Fair
Senator Shortridge attends the Ventura County Fair in a carriage with Señorita Isabella Camarillo. They are smiling at the viewer. They appear to be in costume, possibly Spanish traditional clothing.

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Illustration of Bean Pagoda
Illustration of the Bean Pagoda of Ventura County in California Buildings at World's Columbian Exposition.
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