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Picking Lemons March First at Limoneira Ranch
Agricultural workers harvesting lemons from trees on Limoneira Ranch. Men in foreground are standing on ladders. Other workers are standing on the ground, some facing viewers, some harvesting. Stacks of citrus boxes on a cart visible in center view.

ABD Storage Area
Bird's-eye view of the ABD storage area. Shows men working among stacks of crates and pallets. Copy from CBC (Construction Battalion Center) Library.

Stacking Boxes at Fillmore Sespe Packing House
Interior view of Fillmore Sespe Packing House, showing two workers handling crates branded with packing labels.

Loading a Freight Car with Lima Bean Toast
A freight car in background is being loaded by two men with boxes of Bill Baker's Lima Bean Toast in Ojai. Two trucks from Bill Baker's Bakery are parked in front of the train car. In front of the trucks, two men in suits are shaking hands. A dog is…
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