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Harry Waud
Portrait of Harry Waud, son of G.B. Waud in a uniform. He is wearing a hat with a chin strap and is posed with his arms crossed looking at the viewer.

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Marguerite Welton Holding Giant Fish
Marguerite Welton, portrait full, with large black fish caught from boat at Pt. Mugu in the 1930s. Fish is possibly a Goliath Grouper. The fish is hanging by its mouth and appears longer/taller than Welton. Welton wears nautical or sailor style…

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Lemon capital of the world

Camarillo State Mental Hospital
Bird's eye view of Camarillo State Hospital. Library records state: "Camarillo State Mental Hospital, portion of $7,000,000,00 (sic) 3 miles from Camarillo, 9 miles from Oxnard. Bain Photo Service, ND."

Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi
This snapshot shows Yas Yamada and Nao Takasugi posing for a friendly picture. The boys are dressed in bathing suits and they are standing in the center of four tire innertubes. The photo appears to be taken in a residential backyard. A wooden fence…

Father Serra Statue in Front of Ventura County Courthouse
Image of the statue of Father Serra in front of Ventura County Court House (now Ventura City Hall, 2022). Courthouse building in background, grass and landscaping around the statue's base in foreground. Museum records indicate "To go with poem of Fr.…

Newbury Park Snow Scene
Snapshot of a snowy scene showing a single story home, wagon, and dog. Snow covered ground and many trees are prominent in the scene.

Snowy scene in Newbury Park
Fence posts in the foreground and a field in the background are covered after snow in Newbury Park.


Participants in the Police Olympics Wrestling Competition
Hueneme High School graduates Andy Gibson and Peter Sanzone, who were both participants in the wrestling competition at the 1989 Police Olympics held at Rio Mesa High School. Andy and Peter are seen here with their arms around one another. It is a…

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Father Junipero Serra Post Card
Drawn image portrait of Father Junipero Serra sitting in a wooden chair. His hair is styled in a tonsure (shaved at the crown) and he wears the simple hooded robe of the Franciscan Order, with a rosary on his corded belt. Text below the portrait…


Arnulfo and Susana Sanchez Wedding Party Portrait
Full portrait of Arnulfo Sanchez, center left, and Susana Sanchez, center right, in their wedding attire next to an unidentified man standing beside Arnulfo and an unidentified woman next to Susana. A boy in a tuxedo, first on left, and a girl in a…

Montalvo #7 map
Montalvo #7: "Hearne subdivision of part of Block 91 of the Montalvo Tract"
[Notes: Two copies of this map; L - 4, Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of Ventura County, ©2003]

Rancho Ojai, San Antonio Creek Area map
Map showing parcel of land owned by Charles B. Horrell, Rancho Ojai, Ventura County, California
[Notes: J - 3, 4, Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of Ventura County, ©2003]

Fillmore Calif map
Fillmore, Calif.
[Notes: J - 8, Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of Ventura County, ©2003]

Marion Berry, Arvella Vorbeck Temple, Bonita Vorbeck Group Photo
Group photo of (l-r) Marion Berry, Arvella Vorbeck Temple, Bonita Vorbeck, posed in fiesta dress in Santa Barbara. They wear Spanish style dresses and accessories. They appear to be standing on a sidewalk next to a building. Name on bottom left…


President William McKinley at Plaza School
President McKinley on speakers stand in front of Plaza School. Photo taken from below, looking up at him.

Things are about to get real weird.mp4
The following description was submitted by an outside party. The views expressed are the individual’s own and are not representative of the Museum of Ventura County.

One woman versus isolation. 12 months of quarantine, from the early, giddy days…

Pastel Passion 2002 Exhibit Postcard
Pastel drawing of a serene meadow of wildflowers with a small footpath running through it. Large trees in the background and hills or mountains in the far background complete the scene. Pastel drawing is by Jannene Behl called "Spring Passion." This…

Rancho El Conejo Partition Of Haigh Property map
Rancho El Conejo, partition of Haigh property: as requested by Charles Blackstock, estate administrator.
[Notes: South 1/2 of section 7, T1N - R19W; M - 8, Automobile Club of Southern California, Map of Ventura County, ©2003]

Masonic Temple Ground Breaking
Group photo of residents standing on land going to be used to build the Masonic Temple on Santa Clara and California Streets in Ventura. Photo is made up of two photos.

Ventura Avenue Oil Field and Ventura Avenue
Panoramic view of the Ventura oil field from a mountain. Oil wells can be seen on the left.


Saticoy Rock Company
Panoramic view of Saticoy Rock Company. A very large piece of machinery reaches across a rocky field. A row of eucalyptus trees runs along the background.

Pierpont Bay Panorama
Panoramic view of Pierpont Bay taken from end of fishing pier. Pier runs through the middle of photo headed toward the shore/beach. Ocean, beach, swimmers, and beachgoers visible on both sides of photo. Ventura buildings, residences and mountains are…

Flooded Area at Ventura and Los Angeles County Line, 1928
"Flooded area at Ventura-Los Angeles Co. line showing Edison
Camp site 18 Mar. 1928." Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

Flooded Area Saticoy to Santa Paula, 1928
Flooded area Saticoy to Santa Paula, 15 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.
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