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Dancing on the Veranda A
Two images of men, women, and children dancing on the veranda of the main building at Rancho Camulos. To the left of both images there is a woman at sitting on the steps of the veranda playing a guitar. The staircase, windows, and door to the main…

Don Antonio Coronel & Wife Dancing
Image depicts Don Antonio Coronel dancing "Jotas" with his wife in a dirt yard at Rancho Camulos. Don Antonio is wearing a suit and hat and his wife wearing a dress. To the left of the image are two onlookers and the veranda of the building. To the…

Lummis & Susanita Dancing
Image depicts Charles Lummis and Susanita del Valle dancing with one another on a porch at Rancho Camulos. There are two wooden pillars in the foreground. Behind the dancers is a bench with a doorway on both sides of the bench.

Don Antonio Coronel & Wife Dancing
Image depicts Don Antonio Coronel dancing with his wife. Don Antonio is on the right side of the image in a dancing stance, wearing a black suit with a sarape-like cloth hanging over his shoulders. His wife is on the left of the image wearing a dark,…

Five Young Dancers at Flora Robb Dance Studio, Oxnard
Yolanda Verrett, Patricia Ann Holloway, Evelyn Yvonne Holloway, Lavonia Webb and Anna Fay Webb as young girls tap dancing at Flora Robb Dance Studio in Oxnard. The girls are dressed in matching leotards, tutus, tap shoes, and hair bows.

Dancing at Pioneer Picnic
A group dances the Virginia Reel at the Pioneer Picnic at Foster Park in 1931. Men stand in line facing women who are also in a line. A man with a violin stands close to them. The Pioneer Picnic was held for a group called the Ventura County Pioneers…

Rehearsal for "A Chorus Line", Buena High School
Buena High School rehearsal of "A Chorus Line" with drama teacher Greg Lee directing. Lee stands in front of a line of students on a stage and appears to be giving direction read from a small piece of paper he holds in one hand. Some students wear…

Gabriel Ruiz's Group of Original California Spanish Dancers
Outdoor photograph of Gabriel Ruiz's group of Original Spanish Dancers in action on the dance floor. There are approximately fifteen to twenty figures in the picture with a fountain and Spanish style building in the background with various trees and…

Obon Festival Committee and Dancers
This image is a group portrait of the 1934 Obon Festival Committee and festival dancers posing inside the First Buddhist Church.
Back row (l-r): M. Takeda, Mrs. Suzuki, Mrs. M. Moriwaki, Fujie Hashimoto, George Yamashita, M. Kanda, J. Kanamori, M.…

Dojo Sukui Dancers
This photo shows young dancers performing a dojo-sukui folk dance at the Buddhist Church of Oxnard. Miyoko Takeda is at left and Hiroshi Takeda is second from the left.
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