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Herman Owens with Garden Produce
Shows Herman Owens kneeling behind the wheel of a gardening tool. He is holding root vegetables, possibly sugar beets, in both hands. He is wearing a light-colored, button-up shirt, and is looking down at the viewer.

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Pavins Company Workers Group Photo
Portrait of a group of men posed with gardening tools in front of a house, another house in background. Men are dressed in hats, overalls, work shirts, and work pants. Writing on photo verso: "Nacho Camarillo and Charles Camarillo, Pavins Company of…

Two Blacksmiths Working
Interior of a blacksmiths shop, two men work together, both holding tools. One man is turned away from the viewer, face in profile and the other man faces the viewer looking off to the right of viewer. Equipment and tools around them, anvil between…

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L. D. Roberts, Blacksmith
Full portrait of blacksmith L. D. Roberts, dressed in clothing for blacksmithing (long apron, partially open shirt with rolled sleeves, suspenders). He is looking at the viewer and holding tools in both hands. A backdrop that resembles a lake in the…

Science Connection Crew Leading Science Experiments at Serra School, Ventura, 1987
A crew from Science Connection leads science experiments for 5th graders at Serra School in Ventura. A young girl pushes on a lever that is being held in place by an older man. Several students watch in the background. Ventura County Star-Free Press…

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Southern Pacific Railroad Surveying Camp on Rincon
Group photo of a surveying camp on a Southern Pacific Railroad site. Approximately 20 men and several draft horses or mules are lined up next to a row of white tents. Behind the tents are large hills. Many of the men have some sort of a scope on a…

Mexican Construction Crew at Casitas Dam
A Mexican construction crew is standing in the ditch of Casistas Dam with large bins of boulders between them. The men are holding or leaning on shovels. In the ditch are men identified as Gruemell or Greenwell and Donlon, but it is unclear which men…
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