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Santa Ynez Mission Ruins
View of the ruins of the Santa Ynez Mission. Old mill and reservoir in scene. Beyond the ruins is a house on a hill with a road leading up to it.


Ventura River Valley Aerial View
View of Ventura looking south. Ventura city and oil fields visible. Hills line both sides of image, Pacific Ocean at top of image.

Ventura, Aerial View, 1933
Aerial view of Ventura, looking west from over the railroad near Brent. Coastline prominent on left side of image, mountains at top of image.

Window Display of Ventura County Fair Prizes
Image shows numerous prizes that can be won at the Ventura County Fair. A typed note on the bottom of photo reads "Window display of prizes exhibited in 1877." A sign in the window reads "Fourth annual fair at the Ventura Trotting Park commencing…

Father Serra Statue in Front of Ventura County Courthouse
Image of the statue of Father Serra in front of Ventura County Court House (now Ventura City Hall, 2022). Courthouse building in background, grass and landscaping around the statue's base in foreground. Museum records indicate "To go with poem of Fr.…

Cross on the Hill
A large crowd gathers in front of the cross on the hill in present day (2022) Grant Park in Ventura. Men, women, and children are present, all wearing hats. Many people hold parasols. Museum notes refer to this being "Admission Day", the day the…

Main Street View, Ventura, 1929
View of a busy Main Street scene looking west from in front of the E. P. Foster Library. There are several parked and driving cars in the scene. Many storefronts are visible, and the Hotel De Leon is prominent on the right side of the image.

Father Grogan and Wooden Bell
Father Grogan stand near in front of the front door of the church at Mission San Buenaventura. There is a wooden chair in front of Father Grogan and he rests one hand on the back of the chair. There is a wooden bell on the ground next to him.

San Buenaventura Mission, 1870
Bird's eye view of Mission San Buenaventura from southwest direction, showing the adjacent cemetery. There is a wooden fence between the walkway in front of the mission and Main Street, which is made of dirt. A rock wall with tiles along the top…

Baptismal Record Book Signed by Junípero Serra (Copy)
Copy of page of original Baptismal record book signed by Father Junípero Serra.

San Buenaventura Mission, 1888
Exterior front and side view of the San Buenaventura Mission with a group of people standing on the front steps.

Main Street, Ventura, 1870s
Bird's eye view of Main Street looking east from Ventura Avenue. Several storefronts are visible, including a bakery. Hill school visible, which was built in 1873. Image taken in the 1870s, but after 1873.

First Presbyterian Church
Exterior view of the First Presbyterian Church in Ventura, CA. This is the original building erected in 1869 on the northeast corner of Oak and Meta Streets. There is a picket fence along the front of the church and trellises lined up along the…


Children at West End Branch Library
Interior view of the West End Branch Library in Ventura, where three children sit with books open in their laps, engrossed in reading. Children are (l-r): Jr. Jackson, Bobby Miller and Lorene Livingston.

Snow in Thousand Oaks
Snapshot of snow covered oak trees. According to museum records: "Trees across road from Nixon property" covered in snow, most likely in 1948.

Ventura Avenue, Circa 1900
Bird's eye view of Ventura Avenue, running along the center of the image. The Avenue has one or two buildings visible. Mountains visible in the background. According to library records: "Above Gosnell house where oil
wells are. Old Notten house -…

Schiappa Pietra Home
Exterior view of the Schiappapietra, or Schiappa Pietra, house on Santa Clara Street near Palm Street. Dirt road and sidewalk in front of the home visible. The home's fence and side yards visible as well. It was situated behind the American Legion…

Oxnard Public Library
Exterior bird's eye view of the Carnegie Library in Oxnard. It is a large, white, classical-style building with columns and triangular ends completed in 1906. It sits on a corner lot and the houses and buildings behind and next to it are visible.…

Stereoscopic View of Mission San Buenaventura Palms
Stereoscopic view of Mission San Buenaventura palm trees and roofing tiles. The third palm was blown down in a windstorm in 1876. This may be the last known image of the "Mission Palms", according to the Ventura County Museum of History & Art's…

Dr. Cephas Bard's Home in Early Days Ventura
Mounted photograph of the exterior of Dr. Cephas Little Bard's home and office on the eastern side of Oak Street, South of Santa Clara in Ventura, CA. Oak Street (a dirt road). A man in a horse and carriage is pulling up to the front walkway where…

Santa Ana Rancho - Home of Don José de Arnaz
Exterior view of the home of Don José de Arnaz, Santa Ana Rancho, eight miles up the Ojai. Owned by Ventura Mission. Home is partially obscured by a large tree. Arnaz was Civil Administrator of Missions (1854).

Dresser Ranch with St. Francis Dam Flood Damage
Looking through a destroyed orchard to Dresser's house at Dresser Ranch (near Fillmore). According to library records, Dresser's house moved a quarter mile due to flooding from the St. Francis Dam disaster.

Christmas Cake
View of the top of a beautifully decorated Christmas cake that was sent to the president of the United States at the time, Calvin Coolidge. William Cook Baker of Bill Baker's bakery in Ojai sent many cakes to presidents, and this was the first of…

Old Fashioned Bean Threshing
"Old fashioned bean threshing" agricultural scene. A group of men, women, and children stand among threshing equipment. Mountain in the background identified as South Mountain.

Identified individuals include:

(front row): Frank Moore; George…

Corner of Main and California Streets, Ventura
Bird's eye view of the intersection at Main and California Streets looking northwest. Ventura City Hall is at the left of the image, with the Angel of Mercy statue in front of the building. Other buildings visible on corner crossing California…
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