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Four Women in a Swimming Hole
Image depicts four unidentified women in a swimming hole. The four women stand side by side smiling and looking at the viewer. All of them wear swimsuits. The two women on the left are kneeling down in the water. Boulders visible behind the women.

Wheelers Hot Springs postcard
A bird's-eye view of Wheeler's Hot Springs resort showing several buildings, a pool, tennis courts and water flowing in Matilija Creek.

Caption: Wheelers Hot Springs Lamson Photo

[NOKO, Lamson Photo]

Ventura Bath House, Ventura, California postcard
Crowded scene of the interior of the Ventura Bathhouse. To the left of the image is the pool, with an upper deck providing seating and access to a slide; many figures are swimming in the pool or seated on the decks. To the right is a hallway leading…
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