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Trout Stream Through Wheeler Hot Springs
View the trout stream that goes through the Wheeler Hot Springs area. A man stands on the rocks at the water's edge. Fallen tree in background.

Trout Stream at Wheeler Hot Springs
View of the trout stream at Wheeler Hot Springs. Man stands on a small bridge and looks over stream. A large tree with exposed roots leans over bridge. Rocks and boulders line the water's edge.

Stream Near Wheeler Hot Springs
View of stream waters near Wheeler Hot Springs. Rocks cover riverbed. Trees grow at edge of water.

Creek Near Wheeler Hot Springs
View of a creek near Wheeler Hot Springs. Large boulder in center of view. Trees and shrubs along stream. Mountains in background.

Wheel Hot Springs Scene
View of a stream going past a cottage at Wheeler Hot Springs. Stairs visible to right.

The Ebell Club, Santa Paula postcard
Three quarter view of Ebell Club building in Santa Paula from left side of the building. The building is two stories with a wooden roof and is surrounded by plants and trees. Foreground has a small stream accompanied by grass and plants with a bridge…

Lyon Springs, Cal. postcard
Two children sit or swim in a creek, with only their heads and shoulders showing above the water. Caption at bottom of postcard reads "Lyon Springs, Cal."
[Brock-Higgins Photo]

Ebell Club Clubhouse
Exterior view of the Ebell Club, a women's club, clubhouse. It is a two story structure with a pond and bridge over the pond in front of it.

Matilija Canyon
View of Matilija Canyon, a stream runs through the bottom foreground of shot with many boulders visible. Shrubbery and trees on both sides of the shot.

View of canyon stream.

Man posing in a rocky stream.

Bridge over a river or stream with trees in the foreground.

Small stream waterfall.

Stream in a rocky canyon.

A group of people posed on rocks near a wooden footbridge over a stream.

Canyons stream.

Rocky stream with trees.

 Donald McArthur
Snapshot of Donald McArthur, standing on viewer's right, facing a stream His side of the steam is covered in rocks. The far side is covered in trees.

Hanging Rock at Matilijia
Landscape of Hanging Rock at Matilijia. The creek runs under hanging rock with a stony shore on either side. There are mountains and trees in the background.
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