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Doll of Emma Sisson Mahan
Handmade cloth doll, face and hair drawn on head, but faint. Doll wears a two-piece brown dress. Bodice hem is edged in red; skirt has a ruffle around bottom. Back of skirt has a pleated bustle effect and is belted near the bottom. Two petticoats and…

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Pansy Augusta Brewster, Baby Portrait
Full, seated portrait of a smiling Pansy Augusta Brewster in an upholstered chair, clutching a doll to her side. She is looking off the left of the viewer, and her body is turned left.

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Muzette Permelia Carre
Studio portrait of Muzette Permelia Carre, a two year old girl, standing behind a prop railing or fence, leaning forward, her hands clutching a doll that is laying on the railing. Muzette smiles toward the viewer, gazing to the viewer's right.…

Katherine Hoffman Haley
Full seated portrait of Katherine Hoffman Haley as a young girl. She has shoulder length blonde hair with bangs. She is wearing a white dress and holding what appears to be a yardstick. A doll can be partially seen next to her. She is looking…

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