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Pumpkins at Limoneira Ranch
Outdoor photograph of an extensive pumpkin patch at Limoneira Ranch, with a Victorian home and two red barns in the background.

Written on the back of the photo:
"This pleasing photograph captured by me, Dean Hobbs Blanchard, Ca. 1984, at theā€¦


Group Photo in a Mass of Pumpkins
An unidentified group poses in a mass of pumpkins. Three women sit on pumpkins and each holds one pumpkin aloft in one hand. A man stands with a pipe in his mouth.

Johanna Overby Picking Pumpkins
Johanna Overby in foreground of image, picks a large pumpkin from a pumpkin patch. In the background is the Benjamin Dudley home on Telegraph Road in Ventura.

Pile of Pumpkins
Mounted photograph of a pile of large pumpkins stacked in a wooded area. Engraved on one of the pumpkins is "RATS", and on another is "We are pumpkins F.F. Gaylord Chicago."


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