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DeLee and Frosty the Dog A
Two photos depicting DeLee Staunton and her dog Frosty.

Photo A: DeLee stands on the garden path of 828 Poli Street. Her dog Frosty stands near her. Frosty is a white dog that appears to be a Jack Russell terrier or similar breed. DeLee wears a…

DeLee and Animals A
Four outdoor photos depicting DeLee Staunton interacting with animals.

Photo A: DeLee sits on steps leading to home at 828 Poli Street. Three spotted puppies explore the yard around her. Puppies appear to be Jack Russell terriers or a similar…

DeLee and Skippy A
Two photos showing DeLee Staunton and her pet dog Skippy.

Photo A: DeLee sitting in a garden holding Skippy in her lap. She wears a dress with Peter Pan collar. Skippy appears to be a Jack Russel Terrier or similar breed.

Photo B: DeLee…

Dana Dougherty with Snake
Closeup picture showing Dana Dougherty as a young girl holding a snake, possibly a garter snake. Dougherty is looking down, to the left of the view. The snake is stretching upwards so that the tip of its nose touches Dougherty's chin. Dougherty wears…

Man Holding a Snake
Outdoor scene showing a man wearing work clothes, thick gloves, and a wide-brimmed hat holding a snake. The man smiles slightly over his shoulder towards the viewer. The snake appears to be moving or stretching to the left of the view. Unpaved trail…

Lightfoot the Cat
Outdoor scene showing a young cat or kitten named Lightfoot standing on a lawn. The cat is shorthaired with white face and limbs and tabby pattern on its back. A small dish is on the ground beside the cat. Portion of a house in background.


Rattlesnake Hiding Under Stone
View of a rattlesnake hiding beneath a stone and branches. The branches and stone fill the majority of the view. Portion of snake, including its head are visible in the rock's shadow.

Snake Swallowing Smaller Snake
View of a garden path. Shows a striped snake swallowing a smaller snake. Only a portion of the smaller snake is visible. Succulent and shrubs in nearby garden beds.

Library records include note that identifies snake as a coral snake, but pattern…

Nellie Daily Holding Siamese Cats
Outdoor scene showing Nellie Daily holding two Siamese cats next to a wooden house. Nellie wears a floral print dress and glasses and has curled hair. She looks down at the cats. The two cats look towards the viewer. Bush growing alongside house is…

Topsy and Sir Gallahad
Indoor scene showing two cats lounging on a bed. Cats are identified as "Topsy and Sir Gallahad". Topsy is a shorthaired, solid-colored cat, likely gray. Sir Gallahad is a shorthaired black cat. Door and nightstand in background.

Conversation Between Two Cats
Outdoor view of two cats in a garden. Rocks in foreground. Cat on left is shorthaired with black and white fur. It is crouched on the ground and looking towards the right. Cat on right has back to viewer, and looks to the left. It is shorthaired with…

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Two Cats
View of two cats outside a wooden building, possibly a farm building. One cat lying down, other standing to the left. Both cats are shorthaired with tabby patterned fur. Cat lying down has white stomach and paws.

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Begging for Treats
Outdoor scene showing six cats and a dog begging for treats. Portion of a woman in dark dress holding plate visible on right side. Dog is large with curly, shaggy fur. Cats of a variety of fur patterns. Wooden building in background.

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Giving Out Treats
Outdoor scene showing a woman giving treats to five cats and a dog. Woman wears dark dress and glasses. Cats of various coat patterns eat from the ground. Large dog with curled fur waits eagerly at the woman's side. Wooden structure on left.

Two Women and Dog
Shows two women standing beside a wooden building with a dog. Women are wearing loose, checked dresses. Woman on left wears glasses and is bending down to pet the dog. The dog is medium-sized with shaggy white and dark fur. On ecru cardboard backing.

Man on Horseback Jumping Fence
Outdoor scene showing a man riding a horse. The horse is rearing back to jump over a fence or beam. Ventura High School is in the background to the right. On ecru cardboard backing.

Museum records include note: "Ventura High School founded around…

Portrait of a Cat
Outdoor portrait of a shorthaired cat sitting on a cushion next to a house. Appears that cat has solid coloring, possibly white or gray. The cat is looking towards the viewer. Wooden siding of house in background. On ecru cardboard backing.


Man on Horseback Outside Ventura High School
Outdoor scene showing a man on horseback outside of Ventura High School. The man and horse are viewed from behind. The horse is jumping over a beam or fence. The high school building is in the background. On ecru cardboard backing.

Museum records…

Women in Pony Cart
Outdoor scene showing three women seated in a horse-drawn cart. Two of the women are wearing patterned blouses and are looking towards the viewer. All three women wear straw hats. The photographer's shadow is visible on the ground. On ecru cardboard…

Ventura Free Press Office
Outdoor scene showing the Ventura Free Press office on right with sign. Home with fence on the left. Trees line wooden sidewalk. Street appears to be unpaved. Man wearing top hat is walking a spotted dog by the offices. Man is identified as Dr.…

Man with a Dairy Cow
Image of an unidentified man and a dairy cow on a ranch. The man is wearing a white button up shirt with a tie, slacks, and a hat. The dairy cow is held by the snout. Behind both the cow and the man there is a barn-like structure filled to the…

Man with a Dairy Cattle
Image of a man and a dairy cow on a ranch. The man is wearing a white button up shirt with a tie, slacks, and a hat. The dairy cow is looking at the camera and its head is held by the man. A small portion of a barn full of hay can be seen to the…

Man with a Dairy Cow
Image of an unidentified man and a dairy cow on a ranch. The man is wearing a white button up shirt with a tie, slacks, and a hat. The man is facing the camera and has a hand on the cow's head or neck. The dairy cow is looking towards the right side…

Daily Family Cat
Image of the Daily family cat walking on grass. The cat has one paw forward as if in motion. The tail of the cat is sticking straight into the air and curls to the left. The cat has medium-long fur and a faint tabby pattern. Behind cat, are the feet…

Preparing for a Pack Train Ride
Four men and two donkeys preparing for a pack train ride. One man sits on top of the donkey on the right. It also carries saddlebags. The donkey on the left carries other supplies. The man to the far right is wearing glasses and looking at the…
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