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Daily Family Members Outside
Outdoor photo of two men and one woman in center standing under trees. Building in background. Daily family members, exact identities undetermined.

Cattle in Pasture
Outdoor photo of cattle, including some calves, moving on pasture land near fencing and trees. Unidentified man in right background of scene.
Note: Museum records indicate location is likely Mt. Pleasant, Michigan

Sheep Grazing in Field
Outdoor scene of sheep grazing in field. Fencing and trees visible in background.
Note: Museum records indicate location likely Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

C. J. Daily Yard
Image portrays a front lawn with trees and a flagpole, possibly the property of C. J. Daily. On right, the walkway is lined with small trees. The flagpole is in the middle of the lawn. There are trees of different varieties in the background and…

Promenade at Ventura Beach
Shows the promenade at Ventura Beach. View of the grassy park area accompanied with bushes and trees. To the left of the image a light post protrudes from the ground by the grassy area. On the right a larger concrete planter holds a tree as well as…

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North Grammar School, Santa Paula postcard
Landscape view of the North Grammar School in Santa Paula, a single story building with Spanish architecture. Some trees are visible on sides and behind the building. Grass and two small paths with staircases leading up to the school from the left…

Camp Comfort, Ventura postcard
View of a valley oak woodland. Large oak sits at the foreground to the left of the viewer. Its branches extend across the field of view. Many oaks visible in the background. Short grasses line the woodland floor.
[MacGregor Bros., Ventura, Cal.…

Gordon Nidever Ruiz and Maria Louise Ruiz
Family photograph of siblings Gordon Nidever Ruiz, age 7, and Maria Louisa Ruiz, age 9, smiling sitting cross-legged on grass in a yard with plants and a fence in the background. Maria Louisa has her right arm around Gordon Nidever's right shoulder…
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