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Foster Park Bridge Wreckage
Foster Park Bridge after it was wrecked in storm of 1914. Broken wooden beams tilt down towards the river on the left sides of the image. Two triangular supports can be seen with wire (?) stretching down to the ground. Hills and trees are on the…

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Hanging Rock at Matilijia
Landscape of Hanging Rock at Matilijia. The creek runs under hanging rock with a stony shore on either side. There are mountains and trees in the background.

 Donald McArthur
Snapshot of Donald McArthur, standing on viewer's right, facing a stream His side of the steam is covered in rocks. The far side is covered in trees.

First Concrete Bridge Over Ventura River
Photo of the first concrete bridge over the Ventura River designed by Charles Petit. The bridge features large arches supporting the road. A small group of men are in the lower left hand corner of the image, looking at the bridge. Two more men stand…

Auto Fording Portion of San Antonio Creek
Scene showing a man in an open car fording San Antonio Creek at Old Creek Road. The car is in the middle of the water, and in the background is the dirt road where the man came driving from.

Construction of Main Street Ventura River bridge with scaffolding and construction worker.

Shacks in canyon.

Small waterfall in a canyon with large trees.

Two men in Devil's Canyon.

Bridge over a river or stream with trees in the foreground.

River waterfall.

Flooded Area at Montalvo, 1928
Flooded area at Montalvo, Ventura County, Cal., 16 Mar. 1928. Flooding followed St. Francis Dam Disaster, March 12, 1928.

View of canyon stream.

Photograph of a page in a book with an image of a waterfall.

Ventura River Bridge, 1918 postcard
View of partial underside and side of Ventura River Bridge from the bank of the river. River is in the foreground. Caption top left of postcard: "Ventura River Bridge, Ventura, Cal."
[Brakey, J.R., Ventura, Cal.]

View of Santa Clara River View Looking East From Todd Barranca
Sepia-toned photograph of a winding Santa Clara River from above. View is looking east from about Todd Barranca, Santa Paula.

Ventura River
View of a section of the Ventura River with many visible boulder and mountains in the background.

This reel's footage includes a succession of short scenes that mostly show people of various ages on vacation:

A large group gather for miniature golf and an elaborate picnic deep in a wooded area, beside a wood cabin. Families drive to and from…

Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, mainly of water recreation, hunting and trapping animals, high school football, family gatherings, and a smoke-filled sky.

A dog swims and fetches a stick in a body of water, possibly a lake;…

Devil's Gate, Sespe Canyon
View of Devil's Gate in Sespe Canyon, showing a river at bottom of canyon, canyon sides imposing on either side of image. Tall mountain in background. Two men fish in a river at bottom right of image, both looking at the viewer.

Casitas County Bridge, Showing Entrance To Eugene Foster's Memorial Park postcard
A view of a bridge crossing the Ventura River at the entrance to Foster Memorial Park. Large stone pillars flank the dirt road just before the crossing. The bridge is supported by a steel overhead structure. A hillside is in the…

A Shady Nook, Sulphur Mt. Springs Near Santa Paula postcard
Color view overlooking Sulphur Mountain Springs and health resort situated on the riverbank. Resort is made up of several wooden buildings, with patio area supported by stilts, and a walkway down to the water. View taken from a trail, with trees…

Waterway on Thornhill Broome Ranch
Panoramic view of a river or estuary on Thornhill Broom Ranch. A directional sign is shown in the bottom center of image. Shows a water way and embankment.

Ventura County Coastal Area Aerial Photo
Aerial photograph showing the area south from Seaward Avenue, from pier to Santa Clara River. The Pacific Ocean is on the left side of the photograph. Agriculture fields and beaches visible. Photo 9 of a group of 36 photos.

Scale approximately…

Ventura County Coastal Area Aerial Photo
Aerial photograph showing the vicinity of the mouth of the Santa Clara River. The Pacific Ocean is on the left side of the photograph. Photo 11 of a group of 36 photos.

Scale approximately [1:16800].

[APM-036 in map index, Photo ID # 30, index…
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