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In the Canyon, Wheelers Hot Springs, Ventura Co., California postcard
View of hot spring surrounded by boulders and forest. Small waterfall visible in background.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 70992]

Twin Falls, Matilija Hot Springs, Ventura County, Cal. postcard
Two women sit atop a boulder with waterfalls cascading down either side of the boulder. Image from the point of view of the creek bank opposite the waterfalls. Caption on bottom of card reads "Twin Falls, Matilija Hot Springs, Ventura County,…

Piedra Blanca in the Sespe Country
Closeup view of a waterfall at "Piedra Blanca in the Sespe Country". A man stands on the left side of the image, right of the waterfall, and two women sit on the right side of the image, left of the waterfall.

cabin with pelts.mp4
Black-and-white footage, some disturbing and graphic, of people skiing, mountain landscapes and wilderness, camping, and rattlesnakes.

People skiing, crowds, skiers with numbers, possible competition, one person's sweater appears to read Utah Ski…

Creek Scene, Matilija Near Ventura, Cal postcard
Creek view of the Matilija Hot Springs. Water flows rapidly through a bed of rocks and mossy boulders. Hills and forest sit behind a small waterfall in the center of the image.
Caption: "Creek scene, Matilija near Ventura, Cal."
Verso: Addressed…

Photograph of a page in a book with an image of a waterfall.

River waterfall.

Small waterfall in a canyon with large trees.

Small stream waterfall.

Small waterfall with rocks and trees.

Waterfall in canyon.

Small waterfall in steep canyon.

Waterfall in canyon.

Upper Matilija falls
Falls on Upper Matilija Creek, with five people sitting on ledges near falls


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