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Cueva Valdez, Santa Cruz Island
View of a sailboat in the ocean as seen through a natural archway at Cueva Valdez on Santa Cruz Island. Image is framed by the arch.

Canet House
View of houses adjacent to the coastline in Ventura. Canet house is on the right, other houses in the background on left. Coastline and beach in the foreground. Bottom of photo reads "Maison Canet Ventura sur mer."

Ventura, Cal. Ventura Wharf 1906 black and white postcard
View of the Ventura Wharf from the shoreline, with one ship leaving and at least one ship docked.
[MacGregor, J.J., Ventura, Cal. Photo by J.C. Brewster. (Albertype Co., Brooklyn, N.Y.)]

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Railroad Trestle Bridge across Devil's Gulch
Distant view of railroad trestle bridge across Devil's Gulch on Ojai branch line. This was highest trestle in southern California from Grade Road, Ventura to Ojai.

Steamer Humboldt at Santa Cruz Island Wharf
Bird's eye view of the steamer Humboldt at Santa Cruz Island wharf in Prisoners Harbor. Numerous trees in foreground. Vast view of the ocean in background.

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Irrigation pipe - Zone Mutual Water Co.'s Well #5
Irrigation pipe - Zone Mutual Water Co.'s Well #5. Drilled by S. F. Catey. Group photo of four men sitting on the pipe while water comes pouring out. Richard Bard is the man on the left.

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Bird's Eye View of Oxnard Plain from Camarillo Heights
Scenic view of the Oxnard Plain looking south from Camarillo Heights. Mainly agricultural fields in view along with a few scattered houses. Mountain rain spans across the middle of the image, with clouds making up the top half of image.

Overlooking Castaic Creek, "Ridge Route", Los Angeles to Bakersfield, California postcard
Bird's eye view of a winding road along a hill or mountainside, a car driving away from the viewer partially obscured by a bend in the road. Mountains in the background, left. Top left of image reads "Overlooking Castaic Creek, "Ridge Route", Los…

Lane of Trees at Camarillo Ranch
An view of a lane of trees on Camarillo Ranch. Portions of buildings can be seen behind the trees.

Quote associated with this negative explains, "Often the dining room would not accommodate its many guests. A string of tables would be set up down…

The Limoneira in Santa Paula
Limoneira Company in Santa Paula, California. A panorama of a lemon orchard and a large pool of water. A man stands by the water's edge.

Text in the bottom left corner reads, "One of the California Wonders / Limoneira - Santa Paula / A six…

Ventura Avenue Oil Field
A panoramic view of the Ventura Avenue oil field from a hill at Gosnell Bend.

Panorama of Port Hueneme Harbor
A panoramic view of Port Hueneme Harbor showing a portion of the beach and boats on the water.

Easter Sunrise Service at Cross on the Hill
Exterior group photo facing southwest. A group of people attending the Easter sunrise church service at the Cross on the Hill. A small group of clergy members can be seen standing closest to the cross, while the rest of the congregation is circled…

View of Ventura, California

View of Ventura, California.

View of a farm.

View of a farm.

Vista of Ventura, California.

Vista of Ventura, California

Stereoscopic view of Mission San Buenaventura and Ventura.

View of Ventura SW from hill behind Hill School.


View of Ventura SW from hill behind Hill School.


View of Ventura from hill behind mission.

View of Ventura South from hill,

View of Ventura SW from hill.
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