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Bertha Tumamait Blanco Teaching Yucca Cordage
Bertha Tumamait Blanco (left) seated and instructing Courtney Marie Wallace on yucca cordage. Taken in the Museum of Ventura County courtyard during the Chumash Youth Program.

Note: Museum records indicate that Bertha Tumamait Blanco was born 20…

Alejandro Ruiz Oral History
Interview with Alejandro Ruiz about his life in Piru, work on Rancho Camulos, and his Yaqui heritage and family roots in Sonora, Mexico. Ruiz began working on Rancho Camulos in the 1930s and worked there for 50 years.

Content Warning: The…

Original Indian Wall Fresco - Ventura Mission
View of a wall fresco at Mission San Buenaventura. "Brewster Ventura Cal." is embossed in the lower left corner of the dark gray card on which the photo is mounted.

Stone Ditch, Built By The Indians Over 130 Years Ago, Ventura postcard
An unidentified figure leans against a stone ditch with arms crossed. A horse stands several feet in front of the figure among low shrubs. A large oak tree stands to the left of the viewer, and another oak stands further back to the right. Hills are…

Obtossaway, an Ojibwa Chief postcard
A hand-colored real photo postcard. Shows a bust portrait of Obtossaway, an Ojibwa Chief, looking to his left. There is a bend in the upper left corner of postcard.

[Detroit Publishing Co. ("Phostint" card), 6878]

Arapahoe Braves No. 1
Group portrait of eight Native American men standing in front of a building. The men are looking at the camera and are wearing traditional Native American clothing, including feathered headdresses.

Arapahoe Braves No. 1, Copyright 1923 by Geo. W.…

Photograph of a page in a book with an image of a Native American family.

Photograph of an image in a book, possibly Native American housing.

Native American dwelling.
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